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Demand responsive transport - public transport according to customers’ routes and schedules

Matkahuolto’s demand responsive transport platform enables smooth, equal and accessible public transport services for residents also in small towns and less populated areas.

Why introduce demand responsive transport into the public transport system?

Benefits for municipalities and regions:

  • Making public transport an attractive, versatile option for all

  • Better use of vehicle capacity with automated routing and pooling

  • Using demand responsive public transport in the social and health care sector is a cost-effective way of combining various transport services

Benefits for residents:

  • Easy travel for everyone according to individual schedules, no need for a car of your own

  • Improving the reliability of transport services in the social and health care sector

  • Door-to-door travel chains: purchase bus, train and demand responsive transport tickets with one order

Our customers

  • Ukikyyti – local traffic in Uusikaupunki

    • Leena Arvela-Hellén, City Architect:

      • “Ukikyyti is a flexible form of public transport, an easy and high-quality alternative to private cars in Uusikaupunki, where there has been no regular public transport before. Despite the coronavirus, all our expectations regarding the number of users have been exceeded. According to a customer survey, the majority of users feel that Ukikyyti has made their daily life significantly easier.”

  • Kyläkyyti – public transport in the evenings for the residents of rural Porvoo

    • Hanna Linna-Varis, Head of Traffic Planning:

      • “Kyläkyyti has allowed us to resolve the issue of low public transport availability in sparsely populated areas. Kyläkyyti improves mobility for different age groups and reduces reliance on cars. One third of Kyläkyyti users say that car use in their household has decreased thanks to Kyläkyyti.”


Matkahuolto’s demand responsive transport software

  • Booking app for users – Routes and Tickets

    • Booking, payment and ride cancellation 24/7, real-time monitoring and communication with the driver

    • Customer service chat – Matkahuolto’s customer service is available on business days 8-16

    • Monthly settlements for trips paid with the app - payment in the car is also possible

    • The whole door-to-door travel chain with one order, including all public transport routes and tickets in Finland.

  • Operational interface for the Booking Centre

    • Interface for placing orders on behalf of customers - payment always in the car

    • Order list, cancellations, refunds, trip manifests and monitoring the order delivery status

    • Matkahuolto can also offer call center services operated by Matkahuolto customer service.

  • Automatic routing, pooling and dispatch system

    • Automatic scheduling and dispatch to vehicles with agreed driving shifts

    • Door-to-door service

    • Virtual stops also possible - with or without schedules

    • Can be used for immediate orders or limited to pre-booked orders only

  • Driver app for Android devices

    • Trip manifests, passenger details, checking passenger in/out

    • Matkahuolto can also rent suitable Android tablets with an Internet connection

  • Service management, reporting and data

    • Definition and modification of service areas and times, stops, vehicle shifts and pooling parameters

    • Linkage to local transport ticket products or pricing of a separate demand responsive transport product (flat rate or depending on the length of the journey and the number of passengers)

    • Promotional discounts and tailored pricing or a billing agreement for specific groups (e.g. disabled/social support, staff, visitors)

    • Comprehensive reporting and raw data: e.g. orders, passengers, planned and actual pick-up times, passengers per vehicle service hour, travel time extension, mileage, pooling rate

Matkahuolto assists in the planning, marketing and piloting of demand responsive transport services

  • At best, a demand responsive transport service can be up and running within four weeks if the service is already well defined.

  • The Matkahuolto simulation service concretises the potential benefits of modernising passenger transport and providing open public transport, and helps to plan the kind of services that can be offered with existing resources.

  • Matkahuolto can also support a municipality or a region in the marketing of a demand responsive transport service: for example, ready-made material templates, social media campaigns, influencer cooperation and press releases.

  • In a pilot project, Matkahuolto consults the municipality or region in structuring target groups and goals, planning service areas and times, procuring and pricing transport, and conducts customer surveys and interviews. You can apply for financial support for piloting demand responsive transport services from, for example, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Get in touch and request a demo!

Johanna Taskinen,, tel. 0407573284

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