Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharge

The amount of the fuel surcharge is adjusted each month based on the cost index maintained by Statistics Finland for bus, coach and truck transport. The reference index is the 2004 composite fuel price index. For international parcel deliveries, the fuel surcharge is based on the Brent Crude Oil Price (London) published by the U.S. Department of Energy. Crude oil is the basis for the evaluation of fluctuations in the price of jet fuel and diesel, reflecting the changes in the cost of carriage by air and road. The fuel surcharge will be added to the grand total charged for all service products.

Fuel surcharge 1.1.2020

  • Domestic Parcel and Delivery Services 9,6 %

  • International Parcel and Delivery Services 9,6 %

  • Pallet freight 25,50 %

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