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Timetables and ticket purchase

Track & Trace consignments


Parcels can be sent cash-on-delivery (COD) by bus just like parcels by post. A parcel designated as COD will only be handed over to the consignee after payment of the amount of COD indicated by the consignor in the address card.

The COD amount is paid to the consignor’s bank account once the consignee has collected the parcel. The payment time is four banking days as of the date when the parcel was handed over to the consignee.

The Pick-up & Delivery service is available for Bus Parcels and Home Delivery parcels, but not for Express Parcels. The Pick-up & Delivery service is also available for Near Parcels if purchased online.

Use the Parcel Calculator or consult the price list to find out about the price.

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