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Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket

The ticket product is no longer on sale after 2nd of November 2018. Ticket product can be used within its perdiod of validity until 31st of December 2018.

The Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket entitles the bearer to unlimited travel within the Nurmijärvi municipal area and from Nurmijärvi to Vantaa, Espoo or Helsinki for as long as the ticket is valid.

  • The Youth Ticket is valid 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Young people aged under 18 years are eligible to purchase the Youth Ticket.
  • The Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket is only available to persons whose registered domicile is the city of Nurmijärvi.
  • The ticket is valid on all journeys within Nurmijärvi municipality and on journeys from Nurmijärvi to Vantaa, Espoo or Helsinki, or vice versa.
  • Ticket bearers can also be subject to supplementary fees for certain express or night routes and for transporting a children’s pram, for example.

The Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket is for personal use only. For this reason, at ticket purchase, customers will be required to show proof of identity, i.e., a passport, police-issued ID card or driving license.

Receipt of sale

The terms and conditions of the Youth Ticket are explained on the sales receipt that customers sign during the Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket sales transaction. It is also possible to print out and complete the receipt of sale before your visit to the Matkahuolto sales location to expedite the process.

Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket sales receipt

Nurmijärvi Youth Ticket price

Selection of City Tickets available Price 1.1.2015-2.11.2018 (€) Price 1.11.2012–31.12.2014 (€)
30-day Youth Ticket, within Nurmijärvi 44,00 44,00
30-day Youth Ticket, Nurmijärvi–Espoo/Vantaa 49,00 Not for sale
30-day Youth TIcket, Nurmijärvi–Helsinki 70,00 Not for sale
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