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Timetables and ticket purchase

Track & Trace consignments

FAQ Travel Services

Timetable inquiries

Why does Timetable Search show the message “Your search did not return any results”?

The message may due to one of the following reasons: 1) The chosen route may not have a direct bus or transfer connection confirmed by the bus operator. 2) The chosen route or all of its legs may not be run on the particular day you selected. 3) The departure date falls outside the range of dates covered by the current timetable and the timetables including the requested date have not yet been stored in the database.

Why can’t I find the late night bus in Timetable Search?

Timetable Search is based on dates. Each day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59. Departures leaving after 00.00 are found under the next day’s date.

My journey includes a transfer but the time available for the transfer according to the timetable is 0 minutes. Will I make it?

The transfers listed in the timetable search have all been checked and verified.  It may be a good idea, however, to let the driver of the first bus know about your upcoming transfer, so he/she can inform the transfer bus driver that there is a transfer passenger coming in case there is a delay.

Comments form cannot be used for running timetable inquiries. Where can I find the timetable information?

The timetables are available in Timetable Search on Matkahuolto’s website and from the service number 0200 4000. 

What do the abbreviations like th, las and ras in the timetables stand for?

as = station
kk = village centre
kko = church
las = bus station
ras = train station
th = roadside stop, often at a crossroads leading to a village or city along a main route

Tickets, discounts and payment

Do the ticket prices indicated on Matkahuolto’s website also apply when I buy the ticket on the bus?

Prices may differ from the prices show on the website if you buy the ticket from the driver.

Can I make use of multiple discounts on the same trip?

Passengers are entitled to only one discount at a time. For example, if you travel on a student ticket or Special Offer eBus Ticket, you will not be entitled to the discount normally given for a return trip.

Is a person accompanying a handicapped or sight-impaired person entitled to a discount or free bus ride?

If a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is unable to travel alone because of his or her disability or reduced mobility, they must be accompanied by an escort. The escort may travel together with the person being assisted free of charge if the length of the journey exceeds 250 km.

Is it necessary to buy a seat ticket for the bus?

Seat reservations are not obligatory, but it is advisable to reserve a seat particularly if you are travelling during weekends and holidays.

Can I just buy a Travel Card without any ticket?

Travel Cards cannot be purchased separately. Each Travel Card must have some ticket stored on it.

Can I top up my Travel Card onboard the bus?

Topping up the Travel Card is usually possible onboard the bus, with a few exceptions.

What should I do if my Travel Card is lost or stolen?

If you lose a Travel Card containing a valid ticket or if it is stolen, you can file a request at a Matkahuolto service point to have the matter investigated.  Read the instructions on the website.

What methods of payment are accepted by Matkahuolto?

Tickets can be purchased at Matkahuolto service points for cash or using a Finnish debit card or a Eurocard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners’ Club credit card. It is also possible to pay for your ticket with a Visa Electron card and a credit card issued by Nordea Asiakasrahoitus Oy.  

Methods of payments accepted by Matkahuolto agents and travel agencies may vary.

What methods of payment are accepted onboard the bus?

All busses accept cash. The acceptability of other means of payment varies from one operator to another. Visa Electron cannot be used for payment on buses because it requires online verification, which is currently unavailable on busses.

When using a combined debit/credit card, please note that when you make the payment with the card using the magnetic stripe reader, the cost is charged to your credit account in accordance with the bank’s instructions. Most busses have a magnetic stripe reader charging the cost to the credit account.

For payment of individual tickets, it is advisable to use exact change or banknotes no bigger than EUR 20. 

My attempt to buy a ticket online failed. How can I get compensation?

If your attempt to buy an online ticket fails but it was nevertheless charged to your account, you can request compensation either by calling Matkahuolto’s service number 020 331 222 (Mon-Fri 8-16) or by completing the compensation form available on our website.

To file the request for compensation, you need to provide the following information: date and time of the purchase transaction; online ticket information (departure and destination, time of departure and price of the ticket); passenger’s name; payment transaction reference number from the online bank; and the bank account to which the compensation is to be paid.

I did not get any receipt for my online ticket purchase. How can I have the receipt in my e-mail?

Call Matkahuolto’s service number 020 331 222 (Mon-Fri 8-16) and ask for the receipt.

What is the VAT tax included in bus fares?

All bus tickets good for travel in Finland include value added tax at 10% the amount of which is shown on the receipt issued by Matkahuolto.


Can I get on the bus at any bus stop along the route?

Timetable Search returns all the stops at which the bus stops.

Please note that some Special Offer eBus Tickets include restrictions as to the bus stops at which you can get on or off. Read the information on connections and special conditions related to online tickets.

Do I have to show my ID or a card that entitles me to a discount when I board the bus?

If you are travelling on an eBus or Special Offer eBus Ticket, you need to prove your right of travel by presenting a driving license, passport or ID card issued by the police.

Passengers carrying a personal Travel Card must be able to show proof of identity upon request.

The card entitling to the discount must always be presented when purchasing the ticket and when boarding the bus.

Is it compulsory to wear the seat belt on the bus?

If the bus is equipped with seat belts, it is obligatory for the passengers to wear them. Seat belt use is the passenger's responsibility. Failure to use a seat belt may lead to a fine payable by the passenger.

How old must a child be in order to travel alone by bus?

The child’s guardians are always responsible for a child travelling alone.  Children can travel alone as soon as they are able to make the trip on their own without an escort.

ExpressBus and the Koivisto Auto Group offer a Travel Pass for unaccompanied minors. The Travel Pass contains the child’s name and the contact details of both the person seeing the child off and the person meeting him/her at the destination. The Travel Pass is available free of charge from Matkahuolto when you purchase the ticket.

I am travelling with a small child.  Do I need to bring my own child safety seat?

There are no child safety seats available on the buses. You may bring your own child safety seat. Newer buses are equipped with seat belts on every seat.

Can I take my dog/cat/other animal along on the bus? How much does it cost?

Pets can be transported on the bus. According to recommendations issued by the Finnish Bus and Coach Association for the transport of animals, ordinary, non-dangerous pets can be transported by bus if they are accompanied by a companion who assumes responsibility for the pet, and provided that there is room on the bus. Pets should be placed on the bus in a location that causes minimum inconvenience to passengers. Pets may not sit in the seats of the bus or be allowed to roam free. Any allergy sufferers already on the bus have the right to choose their seats first, and, if necessary, may ask the bus driver to prevent a pet from boarding the bus. Co-passengers are not, however, entitled to prevent a guide or assistant dog from boarding the bus.

Some bus operators may charge a supplemental fare for the transport of pets. Contact the bus operator to find out about any extra charge. No seat reservation can be made when travelling with a pet.

How much luggage can I bring with me on the bus?

The Finnish Bus and Coach Association recommends that ordinary hand luggage be transported free of charge under the seat or on the luggage rack.  All other luggage will be placed in the hold. Hand luggage transported in the passenger compartment should not be so large as to restrict the space available for other passengers. Long-distance travellers can have two suitcases or bags placed in the hold free or charge. If you want to take a bicycle or pram or other large piece of luggage with you, notify Matkahuolto or the bus operator one working day (Monday-Friday) before the day of departure. Bus operators may charge a company-specific fees for the transport of large items.

Can I take my bicycle with me? What is the charge? Should I notify someone in advance?

Bicycles can be carried by bus if there is room in the hold. It is advisable to notify the bus company operating the route of the bicycle one working day (Monday-Friday) before the day of departure. Click the departure involved to look up the bus operator’s contact details. The charge for transporting bicycles varies according to the operator.

I would like to listen to the radio on the bus. Can I ask the driver to switch it on?

The possibility to listen to the radio varies according to the bus operator. The Finnish Bus and Coach Association recommends that listening is permitted as long as it does not disturb co-passengers. The volume should be adjusted to a level that is audible but still permits normal conversation between passengers. The radio must be switched off if even one passenger so requests.

Passengers are allowed to use their own radios and portable music players with earphones as long as this does not disturb other passengers.

The bus driver is talking on his or her mobile phone while driving.  Is this permitted?

According to the recommendations of the Finnish Bus and Coach Association, the bus driver may make phone calls required by his or her duties within the limits imposed by the Road Traffic Act. 
Passengers may use their mobile phone as long as this does not disturb other passengers.

Can I eat and drink on the bus?

It is permissible to eat and drink on the bus if you manage to keep your area tidy and as long as the item involved is not specifically forbidden on the bus (e.g. ice cream and grilled fast food).
Smoking and consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants are strictly forbidden on the bus. 

I get travel sick easily. What precautions should I take?

People who easily become ill when travelling are advised to sit in the front of the bus.
Any cost of cleaning caused by travel sickness must be paid by the passenger. The charge depends on the operator involved.

What happens if a passenger disturbs the co-passengers or staff or vandalizes the bus?

All passengers have the right to enjoy a comfortable bus ride and  the bus staff must be allowed to do their job without interference.

Staff members have the right to remove from the bus any passenger who is causing a disturbance and continues to do so despite being cautioned. If the passenger cannot be removed immediately, the staff members have the right, if necessary, to restrain the person involved until removal is possible.

Co-passengers have the right, at the staff member’s request, to assist in removing or restraining any passenger causing a disturbance. If necessary, staff members are entitled to request police assistance.

Passengers may not be removed from the bus if this would jeopardize their health.
Passengers are asked to inform the bus driver of any vandalism taking place on the bus.
Passengers are liable to pay compensation for any damage caused to the bus.

I forgot my bag on the bus. Where can I inquire about lost items?

Inquires about items left on the bus can be made directly to the bus operator in question. Matkahuolto does not operate a centralized lost and found service for lost items.

The bus was late or cancelled. Who will reimburse me?

Customers are advised to contact the bus operator responsible for the route involved.

I would like to propose changes to the bus timetables/routes. Who should I speak to?

Each bus operator makes its own timetables. All wishes, feedback and comments concerning bus companies should be directed to the company involved.

I would like to thank the driver for excellent service. Who should I contact?

All feedback and comments concerning bus companies should be directed to the company involved.

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