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Timetables and ticket purchase

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Instructions and terms and conditions of the Matkahuolto Bus Tickets mobile app

Thank you for installing the Matkahuolto Bus Tickets mobile app and for registering as our customer. For registered users, we can offer attractive travel packages and extra services at your destinations.

App overview

Using the Matkahuolto mobile app, you can make timetable inquiries, buy eBus Tickets, Special Offer eBus Tickets and seat tickets. You can use your most recent searches as shortcuts to new purchases, and also save your favourite searches. After your journey, you can rate your travel experience. Any tickets you purchase are stored in the app’s purchase history where you can browse your present and past journeys for various purposes, such as travel expense reports. If you disabled the option “Only show services for which eBus Tickets are available” in the My Account section, the search will also return services for which online tickets are currently not available. If so, check the additional information on the service to see when the sale of eBus Tickets ended or when it will start. Next to services for which tickets are available, there is a price button which allows you to make the purchase.

The app is intended for your personal use. After registering as a user, you can use the app to buy tickets for yourself and your travel companions. If you wish to buy a ticket for someone else and you will not accompany that person, you can buy the ticket, as before, on the Matkahuolto website at www.matkahuolto.fi which supports mobile devices.

When you save your own name in the My Account section and buy a ticket, you will automatically become the passenger on that ticket. Your right to travel is checked on the bus based on your name. Therefore, when you get on the bus, you only need to show the driver your proof of identity, not the ticket. If you belong to a discount group and buy a discounted ticket, you must also prove to the driver that you are entitled to the discount.

Buying tickets

If you have enabled the option “Only show services for which eBus Tickets are available”, your search will return the services for which eBus Tickets or Special Offer eBus Tickets are available. Each bus company determines for itself whether to offer its tickets for sale in our online store and when ticket sales start and end. A ticket purchased with the app is valid for the route and the departure time for which it has been purchased. As changes cannot be made to the ticket after purchase, you should check the route as well as the date and time of departure before making the payment. In the My Account section, you can choose whether a receipt is automatically emailed to you after purchasing tickets.

Methods of payment

In the app, you can pay your purchases with a debit or credit card. When making your first card payment, you can save your card information, which will facilitate the purchase of tickets next time. If you wish, you can store several cards. Your card information is stored securely with the payment service provider. In the My Account section, you can choose whether the app prompts your for a password when you pay with a stored card.

Processing customer information

When you register as our customer, your first and last name, telephone number and email address will be stored in our customer register. The customer register will also include information on all purchases that you make with the app enabling you to view your past journeys. If, for some reason, you wish to stop using the app and thereby remove all information stored about you, you should use the Remove Profile option in the My Account section. When you remove your profile, all your information in our customer register will be erased. Additional information on the collection of customer data is provided in our Privacy statement.

Give feedback

We are constantly developing our app and adding new features. We would love your feedback and suggestions for development. You can send your feedback by email to: mobiili@matkahuolto.fi. If something goes wrong when buying a ticket, you can contact our Customer Service Centre at matkapalvelut.palautteet@matkahuolto.fi


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