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Matkahuolto's Quality Promise

To operate and maintain bus transport services and bus terminals

Matkahuolto provides bus services that cover the entire country of Finland via a comprehensive system of bus terminals comprised of Matkahuolto service outlets and their equivalents, as run by certified Matkahuolto agents and other joint partners. The corresponding bus routes are managed by private bus and taxi companies.

To provide a central nationwide ticket and timetable service

Matkahuolto’s central timetable system includes timetable information for each and every bus route in Finland (with the exception of local traffic within the major cities of Helsinki and its suburbs and Tampere and Turku). Mobile phone users can easily access all Matkahuolto timetable information at m.matkahuolto.fi.

The Matkahuolto website features a journey planner service, providing over 20 local and regional bus route options by simply entering an address, street name or consulting the map provided.

Matkahuolto sells tickets for every route operated by coach operators in Finland that is mentioned in Matkahuolto's central timetable system. Matkahuolto tickets are valid on all of these bus routes. Prices for specific bus routes can be found online at matkahuolto.fi via the timetable search function, the website’s section on “Fares”, or the Matkahuolto Customer Service Centre. Information on Matkahuolto ticket products is available online at matkahuolto.fi, from the Matkahuolto Customer Service Centre at tel. 0200 4000, or at any of the Matkahuolto service outlets.

To offer up-to-date information about services

Matkahuolto makes it a point to provide up-to-date information about all of its services and any changes that may take place on its website matkahuolto.fi, its nationwide Customer Service Centre at tel. 0200 4000 and at any of the Matkahuolto service outlets.

To make customer satisfaction and quality monitoring a priority

Matkahuolto addresses customer feedback without delay and responds to all feedback that contains the contact information of the sender. Matkahuolto considers feedback to be a very important tool in the development of its services.

Matkahuolto monitors the quality of its services and the level of customer satisfaction with regular service assessments. Results are utilized in the development of the selection of services and duly reported on the website.

Possible refund claims regarding timetable or ticket matters are decided upon in accordance with Matkahuolto’s Refund terms and conditions.

To meet the service needs of all population groups

Matkahuolto seeks to serve each of its customer groups to the best of its ability.

Information about Matkahuolto services for handicapped or mobility-impaired passengers and other population groups is available on the Matkahuolto website. Such services are available in accordance with the capacity of the service outlets and operating bus and taxi companies to offer said assistance. The Matkahuolto timetable system lists the special features of the principal vehicles used on the routes, like full accessibility and other equipment, whenever the bus company is able to provide information of this kind.

This quality guarantee is available at all Matkahuolto service outlets, certified Matkahuolto agents and at the Matkahuolto website at www.matkahuolto.fi.

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