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Matkahuolto is the most valued parcel service brand and passenger service

We haven’t made a lot of noise about this, but we’re number one! 

According to the annual Brand Valuation Survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, Matkahuolto is the most valued parcel brand in 2022 in two product groups, Parcel Services and Passenger Services among all Finns.

This is a great result and a strong indication that we are on the right track. Because we want to be anything but difficult for our customers, we will continue to work for the best brand and customer experience also in the future. Companies need to be able to adapt as the world changes, and our work is very much about building the future based on customer needs. 

According to the survey, our customers perceive Matkahuolto above all as a domestic, safe and reliable company. This is a good foundation from which we have moved into a new, more digital world, listening to our customers. Examples include Matkahuolto’s one-year-old Paketit app, the recently launched WOLT cooperation pilot and the ever-expanding Trips and Tickets app. 

Matkahuolto was perceived as the most sustainable operator 

Matkahuolto was perceived as the most sustainable brand by respondents when asked to rate the appropriateness of various features for their business. Sustainability is part of our everyday work and we pursue it through our sustainability programme. This year, one of the most important things has been that we are now able to offer 100% carbon neutral domestic transport to our customers. Upcoming measures in 2023 include switching to biofuels in our production vehicles and to green electricity and district heating in our own stations and terminals. 

This year, the product groups of the survey were reorganised and the former Traffic and Transport product group was split into two product groups. As a result, Matkahuolto’s business operations are no longer assessed in one and the same product group. Instead, parcel services were moved to the Courier/Parcel/Postal Services product group and passenger services to the Transport product group. In these product groups, we were accompanied by eight companies operating in the same sector.  

The Brand Valuation 2022 survey investigated the valuation of 585 brands among Finns. The survey was conducted in February-June 2022 and its target group was Finns aged 15-79 nationwide, excluding the province of Åland. 

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