Lahti-Helsinki ticket

Lahti-Helsinki ticket

The Lahti–Helsinki Ticket provides the right to travel between Lahti and Helsinki in either direction during the ticket’s validity on all regular and express tours.

  • The 22-trip ticket is valid for 183 days from the date of purchase.

  • The ticket is only sold in Matkahuolto’s service outlets in Helsinki, Mäntsälä and Lahti.

  • The ticket can be topped up even in buses an at R kiosks.

  • The ticket can be used for travel by several persons at a time.

  • The ticket does not include a right to transfer.

  • You can hop on or off the buses at all express tour stops in the Lahti and Helsinki municipal areas, however, not at the other stops in between on other municipal areas.

  • The ticket can also be used for travelling between Lahti and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Ticket price

Price of the ticket product is EUR 245,00

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