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Mäntsälä train connection ticket

The Mäntsälä Train Connection Ticket provides the right to travel from Mäntsälä railway station to other parts of Mäntsälä and vice versa without a right to transfer from one bus to another, for the duration of the ticket's validity.

  • The 44-trip Commuting Ticket is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

  • The tickets are only sold to the residents of Mäntsälä as a commuting ticket to the trains.

  • Commuting Ticket bearers may also be required to pay other supplementary fees, for express or night routes or travelling with a pram, for example.

The Commuting Ticket is for personal use only. For this reason, customers will be required to show proof of identity, i.e., a passport, police-issued ID card or driving license at ticket purchase. The ticket can only be purchased by showing a valid period or serial ticket of the Finnish Rail Company VR.

Receipt of sale

During the purchase of a Commuting Ticket, the customer signs a sales receipt in which the terms and conditions of the Commuting Ticket are explained. It is also possible to print out and fill in the sales receipt beforehand, before you actually make your Commuting Ticket purchase.

Mäntsälä Commuting Ticket receipt of sale

Commuting Ticket price

Price of the ticket product is EUR 30,00

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