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Matkahuolto references

The customer is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to continuously improve the customer experience. We want our customers to enjoy services of the highest quality.

Matkahuolto delivers most of the parcels sent by Kontti

Matkahuolto is the preferred carrier for Kontti’s customers, who have been satisfied with the speed of delivery. One of the main reasons for to Kontti select Matkahuolto as its partner was sustainability – a policy shared by both. Of the delivery options offered by Matkahuolto, the most popular is the Near Parcel while smaller items are also delivered as XXS parcels. The locker terminals are the most popular pick-up points.

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Matkahuolto’s flexible and punctual local service with familiar faces is a sound basis for efficient cooperation

Virtasenkauppa’s cooperation with Matkahuolto works smoothly and both parties appear satisfied, which is reflected in the performance of the delivery chain. We visit Matkahuolto three times a day to speed up deliveries.

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Matkahuolto partnered with the Ahti Huvila online store in 2015

Our customers have been extremely pleased with Matkahuolto’s locker terminals and extensive network of pick-up points. Most of the feedback received is positive.

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Matkahuolto’s extensive network ensures that Luurinetti customers receive their parcels at locations most convenient for them

Matkahuolto’s high-speed deliveries to all parts of Finland support Luurinetti’s ambition of being a fast and flexible online store with excellent customer service

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Matkahuolto is an important partner for Tam-Silk

An important part of Tam-Silk’s competitive success is that it is able to deliver orders to its online customers as quickly as possible. Of the delivery options available, the most popular among Tam-Silk customers are the XXS and Near Parcels.

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Our customers have been able to enjoy Matkahuolto’s fast and reliable deliveries for a long time

Matkahuolto has been The Body Shop’s preferred carrier for online store deliveries right from the beginning in 2012. This means that we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this cooperation next year. We have been pleased to see the steady increase in the number of pick-up points over the years as well as the introduction of locker terminals and Home Delivery services.

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Matkahuolto clearly a preferred partner for our customers

Varusteleka’s cooperation with Matkahuolto is going really smoothly. Customers find Matkahuolto extremely reliable and often select it as the preferred method of delivery. For Varusteleka, it is very important that customers receive their parcels reliably and are happy with the delivery company.

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Matkahuolto transport services work as agreed

Happy Angler sends out more than 50,000 parcels from its Vantaa warehouse every year, an average of 250 parcels every working day – hundreds of thousands of products to dozens of countries. New camping products and fun water toys, such as SUP boards and towable tubes, have been added to its product range. The most popular Matkahuolto services used by Happy Angler are the Near Parcel, Home Delivery and, most recently, XXL Parcel.

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Matkahuolto’s extensive network of pick-up points enables the delivery of the House of Organic’s e-commerce shipments all over Finland.

The House of Organic started a partnership with Matkahuolto, which allowed them to increase the number of pick-up points to cover the whole country. Matkahuolto’s extensive network of parcel lockers and pick-up points enables the delivery of e-commerce shipments throughout Finland. This ensures that deliveries arrive quickly and reliably to the customers of the House of Organic’s online store.

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