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Our activities benefit the society

Our approachEmployeesPartner and service providerEnvironmentSocietyContactWhistleblowing hotline

While engaging in sustainable business, we also generate economic value for society. We contribute to the use of public transport services by promoting travel chain solutions. We operate over 2 300 service points to ensure regional availability. Regulatory compliance and ethical principles lie at the heart of our operations.

Sustainable business and its economic impacts on society

Profitable business ensures continuity and enables us to offer employment and make investments. We focus on long-term profitability by promoting sustainable business.

Another important consideration is that our operations generate value for society at large. Through our nationwide network, we have a major economic impact across Finland as well as locally. Through our nationwide network, we contribute to economic growth and help our partners develop their respective businesses. One of our key objectives is to generate shareholder value for carriers.


  • SDG 8.1: Creating economic value (incl. profits) and increasing shareholder value

Promotion of public transport and access to services

By offering smooth and extensive services, we promote the use of public transport and support sustainable mobility. A functional and comprehensive network makes it also possible to offer passenger and parcel services in sparsely populated areas and small localities.

We seek to improve the public transport network in rural areas by developing travel chain solutions and enabling on-demand services. Through our operations, we also ensure the availability of critical services, such as blood transports.

We hope to contribute to industry renewal both in passenger and parcel transports. We are actively developing new services enabled by digitalisation.


  • SDG 11.2: Increased use of public transport nationwide by boosting ticket sales

Regulatory compliance and ethical code of conduct

We ensure that we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines in our operations. We are committed to honour and support human rights. We see to it that our operations meet all requirements concerning fair competition. We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. We ensure a high standard of data security and protection of privacy.

In 2021, we will issue an ethical code of conduct in two versions: one for in-house use and one for suppliers and partners. Aside from the ethical code of conduct, different policies ensure that the agreed-upon procedures and ways of working are complied with. During 2021, we will also open a whistle blower channel.


SDG 16.5: 100% of employees have received training on the ethical code of conduct by the end of 2022

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