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Materiality analysis and stakeholder interaction

Our approachEmployeesPartner and service providerEnvironmentSocietyContactWhistleblowing hotline

Our sustainability programme is based on a materiality analysis carried out in 2020 in which we defined the sustainability themes and goals most relevant for us.

The analysis assessed the relevance of the themes to our stakeholders as well as the economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations. After identifying potential sustainability themes and sub-themes, we carried out a survey and interviews among stakeholders to learn about their needs and expectations. Additionally, we held internal workshops for key individuals, the management team, and Board of Directors.

Based on these discussions, we prioritised and and identified sets of topics which eventually emerged as the main themes and sub-themes of our sustainability programme complete with goals. The following sub-themes were identified as central:

  • Corporate culture and management

  • Occupational health & safety and wellbeing

  • Nationwide partner

  • Provision of first-rate service

  • Promotion of environment-friendly transport solutions

  • Support for sustainable lifestyles

  • Sustainable business and its economic impacts on society

  • Regulatory compliance and ethical principles

Listening to stakeholders to find out about their needs and expectations and smooth cooperation with them is an important part of our operations. Stakeholders will also be consulted in the future when we update our materiality analysis. We also carry out other stakeholder surveys annually. We engage in regular interaction with our stakeholders via a range of channels.

We are actively looking for new sustainability partners and networks. As a FIBS Pro member of the Finnish Business & Society network, we are engaged in active efforts to develop sustainable business. We are also a member of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Finland ITS.

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