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Sustainability management

Our approachEmployeesPartner and service providerEnvironmentSocietyContactWhistleblowing hotline

Matkahuolto’s Board of Directors adopted the company’s sustainability programme and its goals at the end of January 2021. Any revisions to the programme and its goals are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The progress made in the implementation of the programme is reported to Board regularly. The management team serves as the sustainability steering group which convenes every quarter. The CEO and management team confirm all key policies, make decisions on the implementation of measures and monitor the execution of the sustainability programme and the attainment of its goals.

Responsibility for coordinating, overseeing, monitoring and reporting on the sustainability programme rests with the Legal Affairs and Sustainability Unit. At a more practical level, sustainability is promoted by sustainability teams that cut across organisational functions. Sustainability teams are responsible for implementing measures in the relevant areas and integrating sustainability into business processes.

We comply with international conventions and initiatives. These include, among other things, the UN Global Compact, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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