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We are an attractive partner and service provider

Smooth cooperation is essential to maintaining our nationwide network. Our extensive service network includes hundreds of partners. To offer the best possible service, we focus on reliability and providing an excellent customer experience.

Nationwide partner

Our main strength is strategic partnerships that lie at the heart of our business. Through our network, we are able to link actors to one another and enable a nationwide and local provision of services.

Partnering with carriers and providing services for them constitutes the core of the business. Other important partners include suppliers, agents and online store customers, to mention a few.

Our goal is to intensify and extend this cooperation, particularly in order to promote sustainable development. By joining forces with partners, we are able to have a wider impact. We are exploring possibilities to develop operations with the existing and potential new partners.


  • SDG 17.7: Intensification and extension of cooperation, particularly to promote sustainable development

Sustainable supply chain management

It is of great importance for us that our suppliers and partners operate on an ethically sound basis. We want to ensure that they pay heed to environmental, social and economic sustainability in their operations. Accordingly, compliance with sustainability principles is one key criterion in all purchasing.

Through our transport network, we have a lot of potential for promoting sustainable development. The minimum requirements for cooperation with partners will be set out in the ethical code of conduct due to be issued during 2021. A purchasing policy will also be prepared during 2021.


  • SDG 16.5: 100% of suppliers committed to the ethical code of conduct by the end of 2024

Provision of first-rate service

Customer orientation is essential to everything we do. We want to offer an excellent customer experience and reliable service.

Our goal is that customers receive services of the highest quality. We seek to pay attention to customers’ individual needs and guarantee the availability of services all over Finland as extensively as possible. To ensure a smooth expert service, we listen to the customers’ views and wishes.

Another important aspect of our services is safety. For example, we give due consideration to the safety of premises.


  • Continual improvement of the customer experience

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