Ticket terms and conditions of the Matkahuolto Trips and Tickets mobile app

Conditions of tickets purchased using the Trips and Tickets app

You are about to purchase a ticket using the Trips and Tickets app. The Trips and Tickets app allows you to buy single tickets, season and series tickets, as well as to book demand responsive transport rides. The following terms and provisions apply to the tickets you purchase and the rides you book:

  1. the law of Finland

  2. these conditions applicable to tickets purchased using the Trips and Tickets app and the current terms of use

  3. Matkahuolto’s General Conditions of Carriage

  4. each service’s own terms of use/travel.

1. Conditions of single tickets and bookings

If your journey is operated, in full or in part, by a Matkahuolto partner, the conditions of carriage of such a partner will also apply. The journeys operated by partners are governed by the following conditions:

Please note that Matkahuolto’s partners may impose restrictions on services, such as an age limit for unaccompanied children, transportation of bicycles and travelling with pets.

1.1 Purchase time for single tickets and orders

Depending on the service, you can buy tickets or book rides up to 30-60 days before departure via the app’s Journey Planner. The earliest and latest time of purchase varies according to the journey involved and may differ from the time limits mentioned here. Single tickets available through the ticket menu can be purchased for up to 24 hours from the time of purchase.

1.2 Cancellation of single tickets and trips

A purchase made in the app is irrevocable once the payment is made. A paid ticket cannot be changed, replaced or cancelled. No right of cancellation applies in a situation where any single leg of a journey is cancelled or delayed.

A booked demand responsive transport ride can be cancelled free of charge up to one hour before the earliest departure time. A booked demand responsive transport ride cannot be cancelled if it is part of a multi-leg journey.

1.3 Prices for single tickets and trips

The prices indicated in the app only apply to tickets purchased through the app, and they may also vary within the app depending on, for example, the time of purchase. The prices of tickets purchased from Matkahuolto’s website, Matkahuolto’s agents, travel agencies, any other outlets or from drivers may also differ from the prices quoted in the app.

1.4 Seat reservation

The app cannot be used to book a seat on a scheduled service. Tickets sold by our partners may include a seat reservation made upon purchase. In such cases, the reserved seat will be shown on the ticket.

For demand responsive transport services, it is possible, depending on the service, to simply book a seat and pay for the ride or present the ticket in the vehicle. The app will tell you whether you only application shows whether you can just reserve a seat.

1.5 Passenger information and its accuracy

The right to travel is verified either by the name specified by the passenger in the Settings section of the app, or by a 5-character ID automatically generated at the time of purchase. The ID can be used for purchasing a single ticket or for booking a trip for more than one passenger. The email address of the customer will also be stored at the time of booking.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the contact details you give for the purchase. Matkahuolto accepts no liability for loss or damage or disruptions due to incorrect details.

Matkahuolto may use the information collected in this manner for purposes described in its privacy statement, such as developing its monitoring and statistics system related to the electronic services (e.g. online and mobile services) and for facilitating online transactions.

1.6 Validity of a single ticket or booking

A ticket or booking is valid only for the date and time shown on the booking or the departure indicated on the ticket. No receipt of the purchase is required. For single tickets for local transport, the validity period starts from the moment of purchase or at the time set by the user. A local transport ticket purchased as part of a multi-leg journey is automatically activated according to the journey’s timetable. If you wish, you can also activate a ticket purchased for a multi-leg journey manually. A local transport ticket allows unlimited travel during the period of validity shown on the ticket within the zones or defined area for which the ticket was purchased.

Please make sure you have your mobile ticket on your phone or other mobile device before boarding. A mobile ticket is a valid ticket when it is active on the user’s mobile device before boarding. If you fail to receive the mobile ticket purchased through the Trips and Tickets app, you have to get the ticket using some other method before the journey starts.

In the case of booked demand responsive transport rides, you must tell the driver your name upon boarding, as it will prove your right to travel. If you have not paid for the ride in the app at the time of booking, you will also need to present a ticket for the service or pay the driver.

Please make sure you have your mobile ticket on your phone or other mobile device before boarding. A mobile ticket is a valid ticket when it is active on the user’s mobile device before boarding.

1.7 Groups eligible for discounts

A passenger belonging to a group travelling on a reduced-price ticket or other special offer ticket is responsible for ensuring that the conditions related to each such ticket are fulfilled. Be prepared to present the card entitling you to a discount when boarding and during the journey. If you fail to present the discount card required under the travel conditions, the driver is entitled to require payment for the difference between the price of the discount ticket and normal ticket.

2. Conditions of tickets for frequent travellers

A purchase made in the Trips and Tickets app is binding once the ticket has been paid. If the customer does not have a valid ticket or a ticket matching the distance of the trip, the driver is not obliged to accept the passenger on board. In addition, the driver has the right to charge the customer the price of a single ticket.

Before buying a ticket, the customer must find out which series or season ticket is suitable for their trip and check the validity of the ticket. The distance of the trip along the bus route can be checked in the Trips and Tickets app using the route search for series or season tickets. The ticket is purchased for the distance (km) along the bus route to be travelled by the customer.

2.1 Cancellation and refund of tickets

Unused mobile tickets can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase. Customers can cancel their mobile ticket in the Tickets section of the Trips and Tickets app. A purchase to be refunded will be credited back to the method of payment used for the original purchase. If more than 24 hours have passed since the time of purchase or if the ticket has already been used, the customer can no longer cancel the purchase via the app.

Kela-subsidised school trip tickets cannot be cancelled.

If the customer’s travel is prevented due to a non-functioning mobile ticket, the customer must immediately contact Matkahuolto’s Customer Service Centre. A refund request for a mobile ticket must be submitted before the expiry of the ticket.

The right to a refund is limited exclusively to exceptional transport-related situations (such as strikes, significant decrease or discontinuation of services) which prevent the customer from travelling. In such cases, a full or partial refund may be possible. The refund is conditional on the customer not being able to use the ticket purchased due to a transport disruption. All cases involving a refund request are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The customer must submit a refund request to the Customer Service Centre no later than fourteen (14) days after the expiry of the ticket. A handling fee of nine (9) euros will be charged for all refunds.

2.2 Special conditions

Seasonal and series tickets may be subject to special conditions specific to the ticket product, which are listed in the additional ticket information in the Trips and Tickets app or on the ticket product pages on Matkahuolto’s website.

If the validity of the ticket product is chosen to start immediately from the moment of purchase, the validity period is the date of purchase + the validity period. If the validity period of the ticket product is chosen to start at a later date, the validity period will start from the start date selected by the user.

3. Presenting the Travel Ticket

The travel ticket must always be presented with the Trips and Tickets app. Screenshots or images of tickets cannot be used. If the driver observes that the ticket is a screenshot or image, the driver has the right to charge the passenger the price of the travel ticket. If the passenger is unable to purchase a new ticket, the driver is not obligated to take the passenger on board.

4. Exceptional circumstances

If the journey is not realised according to the information on the mobile ticket serving as the order confirmation, you can contact Matkahuolto’s Customer Service where necessary. If a delay or other disruption is due to Matkahuolto’s partner, you can also contact the customer service of the partner involved in order to expedite matters and claim a refund.

If the journey is substantially delayed or cancelled in full or in part, you are entitled to claim compensation from Matkahuolto or the operator or partner responsible for the leg of the journey involved. Any claim for compensation must be filed within 14 days of the departure date indicated on the mobile ticket.

Matkahuolto’s liability is limited to direct loss and damage and the price of the purchased ticket, unless otherwise provided by law.

Additionally, consumers have the right to refer the dispute concerning the journey to the Consumer Disputes Board. More information on the procedure is available at: https://www.kuluttajariita.fi.

5. Personal tickets

Some tickets are personal, and some tickets can be used by more than one passenger. Before travelling, please check the additional information on your ticket to see if the ticket is personal.

6. Changing your phone

Purchased tickets are stored for your user ID and can also be opened with that user ID on another phone. A ticket used during the current day cannot be opened on another phone, the ticket can only be opened on another phone 24 hours after the previous trip on the bus. A ticket can be transferred to another phone if the phone breaks or otherwise needs to be replaced. Matkahuolto will not cover the cost of replacing the phone, and is not liable for any indirect or direct costs of replacing the phone.

7. Employee Benefits - Commuting

With the employee benefits for commuting, you can only use it to pay for personal, tax-approved travel tickets. A ticket purchased with the employee commuting benefit cannot be converted into cash or exchanged for another ticket. If a travel ticket needs to be refunded according to the specified conditions, the refunded amount will be credited back to the employee benefits for commuting.

8. Disabled services

More information on the services and assistance available to the disabled is provided in the instructions issued by Matkahuolto and its partners:

9. Methods of payment and payment service provider

You can pay for your in-app purchases with Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Mobile Pay, among others. The payment services provider is NETS.

10. Contact details

Matkahuolto’s Customer Service:


Contact details of Matkahuolto’s partners: