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Matkahuolto is MJP Group’s main partner in domestic transport

MJP Group is an internationally operating sports equipment retailer specialising in many of the sports that Finns love: pesäpallo (Finnish baseball), floorball, volleyball, swimming, padel, power sports and combat sports. Each sport has its dedicated online store, with orders placed in more than 50 countries in 2020.

MJP Group has been working with Matkahuolto since the beginning

Matkahuolto is its main partner in domestic transport. “Flexibility and a capacity for problem-solving have been key to our cooperation.” Matkahuolto’s network of pick-up points has improved considerably, so there is no longer a need to have other transport partners in Finland. Deliveries have been excellent and in case of problems we have received immediate support by phone,” says Timo Ruppa, CEO of MJP Group

“Our network is growing rapidly – by 2022, there will be as many as 1000 parcel lockers. To some pick-up points, we deliver parcels on Saturdays and, during peak seasons, Sundays.
82% of Finns live within 3 km and 57% within 1 km of our pick-up points, the most popular of which are parcel lockers. Using a parcel locker is easy – there is no need to queue and the lockers are also open in the evenings and on weekends,” says Anne-Marie Pakarinen, Regional Sales Manager at Matkahuolto.

Sustainability is important for MJP Group when choosing a partner

Matkahuolto was named as Finland’s most sustainable parcel delivery and logistics brand in the Sustainable Brand Index.Read more. Sustainability plays an increasing role in consumer choices, which is why MJP Group strives to take sustainability more closely into account in its choice of partners.

In their own operations, they try to package products as compactly as possible, without plastic and using recycle cardboard.

Click the logo to check out MJP Group’s sport-specific online stores!

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