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The Better Way - Sustainably

Our approachEmployeesPartner and service providerEnvironmentSocietyContactWhistleblowing hotline

We comply with the principles of sustainable development with regard to the environment, people, society and the economy. We promote sustainable development through our sustainability programme.

We are building a more sustainable society and reduce environmental impacts through customer-responsive services. We are an attractive employer and, together with our network of trusted partners, our impact on society and the environment is greater than our size would imply.

We will be carbon neutral by 2030 and reduce private car use by promoting public transport services.

Our approach

We look after our employees

A satisfied, qualified and efficient staff lies at the heart of our operations. We provide an inspiring and fair workplace environment with a strong team spirit and open interaction.

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We are an attractive partner and service provider

We strengthen our partnerships and help carriers improve their sustainability performance. We focus on managing the supply chain sustainably and enhancing the customer experience.

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We generate positive environmental impacts

We invest in environment-friendly transport solutions in parcel services while seeking to improve resource efficiency in other operations as well. We support sustainable lifestyles of consumers by increasing awareness of public transport services and encouraging people to use them.

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Our activities benefit society

Our operations have wide social implications. For example, they promote public transport and generate economic effects. All our activities are based on regulatory compliance and the ethical code of conduct.

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Check out our Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports

We report annually on our operations and their financial development in our combined annual report and sustainability reports, which include information on our business and its development, our strategy and the sustainability of our operations.

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