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Frequently asked questions


The timetables are available in Timetable Search on Matkahuolto’s website and from the service number 0200 4000 (€1.98/min + local network charge).

The message may due to one of the following reasons: 1) The chosen route may not have a direct bus or transfer connection confirmed by the bus operator. 2) The chosen route or all of its legs may not be run on the particular day you selected. 3) The departure date falls outside the range of dates covered by the current timetable and the timetables including the requested date have not yet been stored in the database.

Timetable Search is based on dates. Each day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59. Departures leaving after 00:00 are found under the next day’s date.

The transfers listed in the timetable search have all been checked and verified. It may be a good idea, however, to let the driver of the first bus know about your upcoming transfer, so he/she can inform the transfer bus driver that there is a transfer passenger coming in case there is a delay.