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Frequently asked questions


The message may due to one of the following reasons: 1) The chosen route may not have a direct bus or transfer connection confirmed by the bus operator. 2) The chosen route or all of its legs may not be run on the particular day you selected. 3) The departure date falls outside the range of dates covered by the current timetable and the timetables including the requested date have not yet been stored in the database.

Timetable Search is based on dates. Each day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59. Departures leaving after 00:00 are found under the next day’s date.

The transfers listed in the timetable search have all been checked and verified. It may be a good idea, however, to let the driver of the first bus know about your upcoming transfer, so he/she can inform the transfer bus driver that there is a transfer passenger coming in case there is a delay.

  • as = station
  • kk = village centre
  • kko = church
  • las = bus station
  • ras = train station
  • th = roadside stop, often at a crossroads leading to a village or city along a main route

You can purchase tickets from Matkahuoltos ticket offices and from bus driver. The ticket price of ticket purchased from bus may differ from the price shown on Matkahuolto's website.

Prices may differ from the prices show on the website if you buy the ticket from the driver.

Passengers are entitled to only one discount at a time. For example, if you travel on Special Offer eBus Ticket, you will not get the student ticket price.

You can cancel an eBus ticket up to 24 hours before departure using the eBus ticket cancellation form. A return ticket may be cancelled in part or full 24 hours before the outbound departure. If your departure is scheduled for the weekend or a red-letter-day or weekday after weekend/red-letter-day, you must request cancellation on the previous weekday. A charge of EUR 9,00 applies.

Cancellation can only be made once. If you have cancelled your outbound trip you can no longer cancel the return trip separately. Ebus ticket can be cancelled via Ebus ticket cancellation form. Ebus ticket can not be changed.

If a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is unable to travel alone because of his or her disability or reduced mobility, they must be accompanied by an escort. The escort may travel together with the person being assisted free of charge if the total length of the route from the point of departure to the destination exceeds 250 km even if the trip they actually take is shorter than that. Inform of the escort when booking assistance.

Seat reservations are not obligatory, but it is advisable to reserve a seat particularly if you are travelling during weekends and holidays. The seat reservation is free of charge.

Travel Cards cannot be purchased separately. Each Travel Card must have some ticket stored on it.

With a few exceptions, you can top up your Travel Card:

  • On buses that accept Travel Card
  • In R kiosks
  • At Matkahuolto terminals and outlets as well as agents selling Travel Cards
  • With Bussiliput mobile aplication for Android phones which have NFC-ability

If you lose a Travel Card containing a valid ticket or if it is stolen, you can file a request at a Matkahuolto service point to have the matter investigated. Read the instructions on the website.