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Send parcels of all sizes easily and affordably. Purchase a parcel online, homeland from 5.70 € and from abroad 9,90 €. Bring a pre-paid parcel with an activation code for one of over 2,300 Matkahuolto service outlets, e.g. Matkahuolto’s parcel locker, K-store, R-Kiosk or Matkahuolto.

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Download the Paketit app

The Matkahuolto Paketit app does much more than just track parcels. It helps you in your everyday life. The app allows you to manage all your Matkahuolto parcels in the same app and easily send them around Finland and abroad.

5+1 reasons to use the Paketit app again this Christmas:

  • Quick deployment
  • A well-designed and praised user experience
  • Parcel tracking to make everyday life easier
  • Time-saving consignment management
  • Easy collection with a pick-up code
  • Parcels are always cheaper online!
Download the App

Finnish consumers see Matkahuolto as the most sustainable parcel brand

We are grateful and humbled by this great recognition – and in the same breath, we remind you that our sustainability work is based on ambitious sustainability targets, which we will achieve through concrete, verifiable and measurable actions.

Our sustainability goals