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Send parcels of all sizes easily and affordably. Purchase a parcel online, homeland from 4.90 € and from abroad 9,90 €. Bring a pre-paid parcel with an activation code for one of nearly 2,000 Matkahuolto service outlets, e.g. Matkahuolto’s parcel locker, K-store, R-Kiosk or Matkahuolto.

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Smoother cooperation – register as a Matkahuolto customer!

It pays to register as a Matkahuolto customer. You will have access to several useful services that speed up our cooperation and provide useful information: you will be able to track your parcels automatically, extend the storage period of your parcels, order home delivery, return parcels effortlessly and subscribe to our newsletter. You will also have access to several services to make travelling easier.

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Parcels delivered home without worries

Does everyday life with its constraints seem too challenging? Make life easier by ordering products directly to your home with our home delivery service or order home delivery for parcels already waiting to be picked up!

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Choose fast and reliable delivery for Matkahuolto's over 2000 parcel locker and service outlets

Matkahuolto has the largest number of pick-up points offering personal service in Finland. Our pick-up points include K-stores, R-Kiosks and Matkahuolto’s own pick-up points and terminals. Our pick-up points are also available in the evenings and on weekends, following the opening hours of K-stores and R-Kiosks.The parcel can be sent and pick up from the parcel locker, K-store, R-kiosk, or Matkahuolto or order home delivery straight to the home address throughout Finland.

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Kohti kestävämpää tulevaisuutta yhdessä Zadaa+ -tilauspalvelun kanssa

Zadaa on Suomessa vuonna 2016 syntynyt, nykyisin Pohjois-Euroopan suurin secondhand muodin kauppapaikka mobiilissa, jonka kautta ostat ja myyt kierrätettyä muotia kätevästi. 

Toukokuussa Zadaa lanseerasi koko vertaiskauppamarkkinoita mullistavan Zadaa+-tilauspalvelun. Uuden palvelun ideana oli tuoda markkinoille entistä helpompi tapa ostaa ja myydä kierrätettyjä vaatteita.

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