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Return parcel

You can return parcels to a parcel locker or Matkahuolto service point depending on the method you wish to use. Please remember that normally you also need to inform the online store of the return.

Use the Service Point Search to look up the nearest service outlet.

Return shipments are easy to manage for registered Matkahuolto customers

As a registered customer, you can activate return shipments with a few clicks in Matkahuolto’s online service.

  • If you have received a return code from the online store, you can use it in our online service. Select a parcel from the Incoming parcels list to display the Return button. Enter the return code which begins with the number 9. The return code is usually indicated in the information included with the shipment or on the company’s website. If necessary, contact the sender’s customer service.

  • The online store may also have specified a time window within which the shipment can be returned. Select the parcel you wish to return from the Incoming parcels list and use the displayed Return button to activate the return.

In both cases, you will receive an activation code that enables you to leave your return shipment at any parcel locker or service outlet.
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You can also return shipments without registration

1. You have a pre-completed return address card included in parcel delivered to you or an activation code provided by the online store

You can leave your return shipment at any parcel locker or service outlet.

To return the parcel using the parcel locker, do as follows: 

  • If you have pre-completed address card, glue it to the parcel. If you have an activation code, write the activation code on the parcel, include the sender’s name and mobile phone number, as well as the recipient’s name.

  • Select Send on the parcel locker display.

  • Scan the bar code on the return address card or enter the activation code following the instructions shown on the display. Select Accept.  

  • Select a locker of suitable size (S–XL) on the display for the parcel. The door of the selected locker opens automatically.  

  • Place the parcel in the locker and close the door

    Please note that you cannot use the locker terminal for returns using the consignment ID or return ID, which is a code starting with the number 9.

2. You have the online store`s return ID

The online store may possibly use a return ID that is identical for all items. The return ID starts with the number 9. 

  • With the return ID, you can return the parcel using any Matkahuolto service point, except the locker terminal

  • Take the parcel to the desk and give the return ID. 

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Track the parcel

Enter the consignment number in the field.

Serial parcel

Buying one serial parcel gives you ten deliveries.
Buy a serial parcel
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