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Our story

Here we are. Soon a hundred years strong, but stronger than ever before. Sure, we have our apps and electric delivery vans to thank, but more importantly, the very reason why we were once founded: to move things from one place to another, be it people or goods. In other words, we put all our energy into the one matter we know and understand damn well.​

We do our work in a straight-up and honest manner, with a focus on the customers’ needs, so that our services are everything but difficult or tedious – from the world to Finland and back, day in, day out. We’re a seamless part of our customers’ everyday – like that reliable and easy-going cousin from abroad. We do all this responsibly and with respect for our environment.​

If we promise something, we will deliver. If something is agreed on, it will happen. If we cannot do something, we will tell you about it.​

When we focus on what’s important and right in front of us, listen to feedback and act or improve accordingly, great things come about. With Matkahuolto, you can trust that your parcel, you yourself, or your business always finds the better way.

Do you know Matkahuolto as a company?

Matkahuolto is a modern service company that has been bringing people and goods together seamlessly for 90 years. Our business is divided into two areas: Parcel Services and Digital Transport Services.

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