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Jyväskylä–Joensuu offer

Low-price eBus tickets from EUR 12

Buy the ticket no earlier than 32 days prior to departure and no later than 60 minutes (services operated by Soisalon Liikenne Oy) or 30 minutes (services operated by Pohjolan Matka) before the bus leaves from the station of departure.

Check the timetables and buy the ticket

Special terms and conditions for Special Offer eBus Ticket for the Jyväskylä–Joensuu route

Only a limited number of special offer tickets are available for certain days and departures. If no special offer fare is displayed for the connection you want, either there are no special offer tickets for that leg of the journey or the low-price tickets are sold out.

With Soisalon Liikenne Oy, the Special Offer eBus Ticket only entitles you to travel the between the localities indicated in the ticket and the stop at which you get on and off the bus must be located within the limits of the designated city or municipality. For example, if the stop indicated in the ticket at which you are to board the bus is Jyväskylä bus station, you can get on the bus at any of the express bus stops located within the city limits.

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