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We look after our employees

Employees are the resource that enables us to succeed in business and achieve progress in sustainability matters

We focus on developing our corporate culture through hands-on integration of the sustainability culture and a review of values. Other important goals include management development and the reduction of occupational accidents and illness-related absence from work. Underlying our operations are sustainable human resources practices that define our ways of working.

Corporate culture and management

An excellent corporate culture and a high standard of management help us build up the business and achieve our objectives. They also enable employees to advance and thrive at work. Our first-class corporate culture manifests itself in an inspiring atmosphere, a strong sense of unity and team spirit.

Our aim is to have qualified, satisfied and efficient employees who are skilfully managed using a coaching approach. First-rate management ensures smooth cooperation between supervisors and team members. We listen to employees and provide encouraging and corrective feedback. In the management context, we pay much attention to a coaching approach and interactive work skills enhancement. At the same time, we promote idea generation, for instance by encouraging employees to develop new methods for performing the work.


  • Score for corporate culture 4/5 in 2023

  • Score for management performance 4.2/5 in 2023

  • Excellent level in supervisor survey (minimum 405 points) in 2023

Occupational health & safety and wellbeing

We want to ensure a safe working environment for the entire personnel and we pay attention to their health and safety. We aim to reduce the injury frequency and reduce sick leaves.

We comply with safe working procedures and use safety-enhancing tools and equipment. We have extensive safety guidelines and provide safety training. We seek to avoid hazards and accidents by monitoring and foreseeing safety risks. In developing the safety culture, we focus on integrating safety into daily activities.

It is extremely important for us that we do not the jeopardise the health of employees. Accordingly, we will focus on preventing health hazards and detriments. We want to maintain employees’ functional ability and contribute to their general wellbeing. Aside from occupational healthcare services, we have in place an early intervention model and a substance use programme. We also offer Mind Chat and Mind Sparring services. We want to help employees find a proper work-life balance by offering flexible terms of employment accommodating changes in life situations.


  • SDG 8.8: Reduce injury frequency to 40 by 2023

  • SDG 8.8: Reduce sick leaves to 5.5% in 2021

Sustainable human resources practices

Our human resources practices are governed by the company’s in-house guidelines, HR policy and other policies. By developing the HR practices on an ongoing basis, we ensure that the employees’ rights are duly honoured and that we operate sustainably.

Sustainable human resources practices are followed throughout the employees’ careers. We comply with the labour legislation and collective agreements. We ensure fair pay and equitable terms of employment. We also seek to ensure that our suppliers and partners honour employee rights.

Our human resources practices are based on our policies, operations model, and in-house guidelines. We follow common rules and the Our Way of Working policy. In 2021, we will issue an ethical code of conduct.


  • SDG 8.8: Continual development of sustainable human resources practices

Skills development and motivation

We want to offer employees opportunities for learning and skills development throughout their careers focusing on regular training geared to improve professional skills. We aim to provide regular training in support of professional skills development.

We offer support and tools for continual skills developments starting with personal induction. We provide both individual courses and training packages on a range of subjects in accordance with the in-house training plan. In 2021, we will introduce a new online learning environment. Online training will continue to be supplemented by in-class training.

Performance and development appraisal discussions are carried out with employees annually
We find it important to motivate employees and teams to attain the established objectives. To this end, we have put in a place a total remuneration plan to reward employees for excellent performance and support working capacity management.


  • SDG 4.4: Provision of regular training in support of prof essional skills development

Diversity and equality

We want to provide a workplace community in which everyone is treated equally, fairly and equitably. We pay attention to diversity in daily activities and decision-making.

We treat everyone equally irrespective of gender, age, ethnic origin, language, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other personal qualities. We disapprove of discrimination, harassment and improper treatment in all circumstances.

We want to offer our employees equal opportunities for succeeding and advancing at work. Equal treatment is a principle followed in recruitment, allocation of duties, career advancement and diversification of duties, etc. Equality performance is monitored through annual wellness at work survey . Other ways of monitoring equality are wages and salaries and the gender distribution of senior management positions.


  • SDG 10.3: Equality performance at an excellent level (4.3/5) in 2023

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