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Three misconceptions about Matkahuolto that we wish to set right

Misconception no. 1: The only drop-off points available for contract customers are Matkahuolto terminals or agent sites

We have expanded the network of drop-off points for contract customers substantially. Now there are almost 2,000 drop-off points with extended opening hours across Finland.

You can drop off you parcel at a Matkahuolto station or any of the 400 agent sites. Additionally, the logistics centres in major cities also serve as new drop-off points: Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Kuopio and Joensuu. Read more about it

Contract customers can also use all of the 800 locker terminals as drop-off points. Dropping off parcels at parcel lockers is easy: scan the barcode from the address card on one of the parcels, open a locker of your preferred size and put all your outgoing parcels in it.

Additionally, you can drop off your parcels at any of Matkahuolto’s hundreds of parcel points operating in conjunction with K shops, Filmtown stores and a large number of other companies. Just take you parcels to the cashier who will scan them at the reception desk for delivery. Please note that complete electronic transport information needs to be submitted in advance on the parcels that must be provided with Matkahuolto-approved address cards.
Click on the link to check out the nearest drop-off point for contract customers:
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Misconception no. 2: I have to take my parcels to Matkahuolto myself

If you are unable to drop off your parcels yourself, we will pick them up at your warehouse. You can either order routine daily pick-ups or have the parcels picked up when needed. Ask for a quote for routine pick-ups or order a one-off pick-up online for €14.53 per parcel + €0.11 per kg.
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Misconception no. 3: It’s difficult for recipients to collect parcels

Matkahuolto is closer than you think: 58% of people in this country live within 1 km and 83% within less than 3 km of our pick-up points. Our network is expanding week-by-week and currently includes over 2,000 pick-up points.

K-shops, R-kiosks and locker terminals are open every day of the week from early in the morning until late at night. Recipients can also track their parcels in near real-time and, if necessary, extend the holding time or conveniently purchase a home delivery online: Services available for registered customers

We also deliver parcels directly to the recipient’s doorstep at an increasing range of hours: aside from regular weekday hours, we make deliveries in the evenings and on Saturdays in a growing number of locations. With Home Deliveries, the date and time of delivery is subject to specific agreement with the recipient.

Choose Finland’s most valued parcel carrier

We will help your company to improve the customer experience with comprehensive transport services. We offer parcel services both domestically and abroad.
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Late delivery to our terminals

You can also take outgoing consignments directly to our logistics terminals. Consignments left at our terminals within their opening hours will be delivered the same evening! This means many more useful hours to collect e-commerce orders and deliver parcels quickly to recipients.

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Contact information on our sales persons in parcel and services.
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