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Services for online stores

Services for online stores

Choose Matkahuolto, Finland’s most positive parcel carrier, as the logistics partner for your online store

Transport service is an important part of the customer relationship. The quick and successful delivery and easy return of the product to the customer’s desired service point or door brings added value to the customer. By providing a suitable delivery service, you can ensure the success of your customer’s order. We will help your online store to improve the customer experience with Matkahuolto’s comprehensive transport services.

Delivery methods of an online store

Quick, reliable and clearly presented deliveries are an important part of a customer’s experience with an online store. We have built our service to meet these expectations.

Choose the best delivery method for your online store

We also deliver parcels abroad.

Read more about an online store’s overseas deliveries

You can easily send your business’s parcels even without a contract. Buy the parcel consignment online and take your parcel to any one of the 2000 Matkahuolto service outlets during the next seven days.

Sending without a contract

You can either bring your parcel to Matkahuolto’s service point or parcel locker, or agree on collection by Makahuolto directly from your warehouse as agreed.

A network of nearly 2000 service points and delivery straight to the door

We deliver e-commerce parcels quickly and reliably to almost 2000 Matkahuolto parcel lockers and service points and to the recipient’s door all over Finland. The service point network includes Matkahuolto terminals and agent outlets, other service points in places such as most K-Markets, R-Kiosks and many other businesses, as well as parcel lockers (Lehtipiste and SmartMile). You can always find a service point close to you and your customer.

View the service point network

Make sure your customers find Matkahuolto delivery methods in your online store

Make sure your e-commerce customers can easily find the most suitable delivery method and service point for themselves among the delivery options of your online store. We have prepared instructions on how to present different Matkahuolto delivery methods in your online store.

A guide to presenting delivery methods to consumers in an online store

Customer returns

Purchase decisions in an online store are affected by how easy it is to return a purchased product. Ensure customer satisfaction by communicating how your customer can return their purchases.

Pack a pre-printed return card with the consignment. Alternatively, you can offer your customer an effortless return with either an activation code or a return ID.

A return with an activation code can be done at any Matkahuolto service point and parcel locker.

A return with a return ID can be done at any service point except for parcel lockers.

Learn more about returns


Parcel Services have been integrated with most online store applications. Integration allows your customer to choose, upon ordering, the service point from which to collect their parcel. You can also create and print address cards straight from the online store application.

Learn more


All online store applications can be linked to Matkahuolto’s data system via an XML interface.

Learn more

Finland’s most positive logistics operator, with the most satisfied customers and the best NPS

Working together with our clients, we have succeeded in developing logistics into an integral part of our successful customer experience. Matkahuolto has excelled in various studies, receiving the best Net Promoter Score (NPS) (sector-specific survey by Taloustutkimus, Goods transports in Finland, 2019) and becoming the most positive parcel carrier with the most satisfied customers in Finland.

Choose Finland’s most positive parcel carrier

We will help your company to improve the customer experience with Matkahuolto’s comprehensive transport services.
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Travel services

Travel services for cities, communities and companies.

Contact our sales persons

Contact information on our sales persons in parcel and travel services.