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Where is my parcel?

If you run an online store, you’ve got that question a lot. Or if you have ordered from an online store, you might have asked it yourself. Usually, parcel services companies like us are responsible for the answer. That's why we at Matkahuolto started the 'Where is my parcel?' initiative to make things better. To begin with, we researched the pain points in the industry and what annoys people the most. As the initiative progresses, we will track our development and report our progress. Our goal is that in future, our customers will have to ask 'Where is my parcel?" less often.

Blunt feedback from Finnish consumers on parcel services

To enhance our operations, we were asking consumers what issues they find most problematic in the industry. We analyzed the performance of various operators and determined which customer groups are the most frustrated and unlocked the reasons behind.

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Improving the customer experience in the industry requires a genuine understanding of the customer

While Matkahuolto is proud to be recognized again as Finland's most valued parcel brand, we see this as motivation to keep improving. The customer experience is a journey of continuous development. We explored what Finns find problematic about the industry. Matkahuolto wants to have an honest and transparent conversation about the industry and share the findings openly to encourage a collaborative discussion.

– Kati Nevalainen

Director, Parcel Services and Service Point Network

Going well, but we can do better

We've developed advanced services to better meet our customers' needs, but we're aiming higher. And so can you, if you are running an online store. Improve your customer experience by offering a wider range of parcel service companies and delivery options to your customers, so that they can choose the best option for themselves along with the additional Matkahuolto services they might need.

No need to return a parcel if the receiver is too busy to pick it up

In the capital region, customers can have their parcel already delivered to a parcel locker brought to their doorstep in case they’re too busy or unwell. The service is provided in collaboration with Wolt.

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Minimized frustration from changing pickup points

46% of Finns are annoyed when the pickup point for their parcel changes. That's why we are publishing up-to-date information on the most- and least congested pickup points in our network.

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Happier customers with the Paketit app

After you ship the parcel, it's easy for your customers to track the delivery with our Paketit app. Also, customers can get assistance if problems occur and can order various additional services, such as changing pickup points or requesting home delivery.

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We are seen as the most sustainable parcel brand in Finland

We are proud of the recognition, but our commitment to sustainability does not end here, on the contrary. We achieve our ambitious sustainability goals through concrete and measurable actions instead of talk.

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We are the most valued parcel brand in Finland

According to the annual brand appreciation study by Taloustutkimus and Alma Media, we were also the most respected parcel service brand in 2023, a position that we aim to maintain also in future.

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