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Leaving a parcel to be transported

Regular pick-up

If you send regularly, the most convenient way is to agree with us on regular pick-ups. Pricing can be per pick-up or per month.

Already a customer and want to use the service? Please contact our Corporate Sales.

If you are not yet a customer, request a quotation.

One-time order for pick-up

A one-time order is best for occasional pick-up needs. When you order a pickup through the Paketit Business Portal, you can easily manage your pickup orders without having to fill in company and shipment details.

If you don’t already use the Paketit Business Portal, you can also order a pick-up online.

Bring your parcels to Matkahuolto yourself

You can bring the parcels yourself to Matkahuolto logistics terminals or to almost any parcel point. You can find your nearest parcel point in the service point search.

If you want to bring the parcels for transport yourself, do this:

Easily drop off your parcels at a parcel locker

If you wish to drop off parcels at a parcel locker, scan the barcode from the address label of one parcel, open a box that is big enough, and put all your outgoing parcels in it.

Bring the parcels directly to the terminal

You can conveniently bring larger quantities of parcels to a Matkahuolto logistics terminal. Our logistics terminals are easily accessible by car, you can drive close to the door, and there is ample parking in the courtyard. Some terminals also allow you to bring your parcels in the evening.

Terminals where you can leave parcels until 20.00:

Matkahuolto logistics terminal in Tampere

Patamäenkatu 18, 33900 Tampere (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00)

Matkahuolto logistics terminal in Oulu

Terminaalitie 6, 90400 Oulu (Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00)

Parcel points offering personal service

You can also drop off consignments at parcel points offering personal service. Please note that, at Kesko parcel points, the limit is 30 kg or 5 parcels with a volume of 0.5 m3.