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We generate positive environmental impacts

Our approachEmployeesPartner and service providerEnvironmentSocietyContactWhistleblowing hotline

We want to do our share in the fight against climate change and reinforce our positive and minimise our negative environmental impacts. To do so, we focus specifically on promoting environment-friendly transport solutions and supporting sustainable mobility.
Efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions play a key part in our operations. Our goal is to be carbon neutral and halve emissions by 2030. This applies both to emissions from our own operations as a whole and to emissions from our value chain compared to 2020 levels.

We are working towards this goal through the following means:

  • Providing completely fossil-free transport in 2030.

  • Switching to green electricity and district heating for stations, logistics terminals and office premises.

  • Offering carbon neutral parcel services to our customers from 1 July 2022.

Promotion of environment-friendly transport solutions

Transportation plays a key role in our efforts to reduce emissions. With regard to our in-house fleet, we are exploring electric options and the possibilities for using biofuels. We will also focus on optimising routes and utilisation capacity rates as well as combining deliveries.

We will switch to biofuels for our own production vehicles in early 2023, and our goal is to have completely fossil-free parcel transport, including subcontracted transport in our value chain, by 2030.

In addition, we will switch to green electricity and district heating in all stations, logistics terminals and office premises from the beginning of 2023 and improve the energy efficiency of our buildings.

100% carbon-neutral deliveries

We have analysed the carbon footprint of our parcel services and monitor it annually. To provide carbon-neutral parcel services, we use emission offsets in addition to our own emission reduction measures. This is achieved through certified emissions reduction units that meet international standards.The emission offsets required for carbon-neutral parcel transport are calculated on an annual basis, the validity of which has been verified by Gaia Consulting. Our partner for purchasing emissions reduction units is Nordic Offset.

Emission offsets

This project is located on Sanjoin nala, a tributary of Beas River near village Patlikuhl in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh. The objective of the project activity is to harness renewable energy in the form of Hydro potential for supplying power to the state grid.

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, an initiative by InfiniteEARTH, aims to reduce Indonesia’s emissions by preserving some 64,000 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest.

Resource efficiency in other activities

We will improve resource efficiency in operations. We want to promote the circular economy by reducing and optimising materials consumption and re-using and recycling materials.
In our own operations, we focus on waste sorting and recycling. We are also paying close attention to the amount and choice of packaging materials. We wish to increase the use of sustainable packaging together with consumers and online store customers.

We will improve energy efficiency across the board. Where possible, 100% of all electricity used at our own sites is generated using renewable energy.

Support for sustainable lifestyles

We want to raise consumer awareness of sustainable lifestyles. We focus on marketing sustainable transport services to encourage people to travel by bus. As this mode of travel reduces private car use and emissions, it offers a more environment-friendly option.

Aside from sustainable mobility, we wish to increase awareness of sustainable packaging concepts. For example, we are promoting the use of RePacks that we added to our range in 2020. RePack is reusable and recyclable packaging.


  • SDG 4.7: Increasing awareness of sustainable lifestyle choices, with particular reference to sustainable mobility

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