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2,900 tonnes less fossil emissions – Matkahuolto trucks are moving away from fossil fuels


From the beginning of 2024, the overwhelming majority of Matkahuolto’s trunk transports will run on renewable fuels.

Matkahuolto’s trunk transports will switch to renewable fuels. From the beginning of 2024, 86% of domestic trunk transport kilometrage will be run on renewable fuel. The change will reduce Matkahuolto’s annual fossil emissions by 2,900 tonnes.

“This represents 20% of our total emissions, which is a significant step towards our goal of halving our emissions by 2030. As the green transition progresses, emissions from transport in Finland must also reduced. Every year, more than 20 million parcels are transported on our trunk services, all the way from Nuorgam to Hanko, so it is clear that we also have a responsibility to bear in the change,” says Jaana Korkiakoski, Matkahuolto’s Sustainability Director.

Matkahuolto’s trunk transports are subcontracted. From the beginning of 2024, six different carriers will operate trunk transports on a total of 32 trunk routes. In addition to the current change, Matkahuolto’s climate roadmap includes more than 40 other measures that promote sustainability objectives.

Besides renewable diesel, trunk transports rely on biogas

The transition to renewable fuels will take place in two stages. At the beginning of September 2023, Matkahuolto’s trunk transports will switch to using renewable diesel to the extent that the truck fleet allows it. This represents 56% of the company’s trunk transport kilometrage.

This is a significant change, as this number of vehicles alone consumes more than 55,000 litres of diesel per month, which is equivalent to more than 135,000 kilometres driven. This is the same as driving almost a hundred times from one end of Finland to the other in one month,” says Korkiakoski.

At the beginning of January 2024, more vehicles will switch to renewable diesel. In addition, six trunk routes will switch to renewable liquefied biogas (LBG), accounting for 20% of the company’s trunk transport kilometrage.

Matkahuolto has also managed to increase its transport capacity by introducing longer and higher capacity HCT trucks. This has reduced the relative emissions of transport, i.e. more freight is now transported with the same amount of fuel as before.


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