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Matkahuolto offers the possibility to build integrations with your online store or other backend system using open interfaces. The interfaces are described in more detail below.

Matkahuolto’s XML interface

All online store applications can be directly linked to Matkahuolto’s data system via the XML interface.

The XML interface is implemented as an simple XML request to which the reply is given in XML format. The request is submitted to the contact address using the (POST) https protocol. In the request is successful, the sender receives an XML file containing not only the reply but also the address card in pdf format. The pdf is printed and appended to the consignment.

While the XML request is of standard format, there is a number of non-compulsory fields. The https protocol is the only permitted option because the server does not accept any non-encrypted http requests.

Technical description of the interface for label request

Load technical description of the interface

Load example response file

Load example label (pdf)

Load technical description of the pickup point search

Tracking info

The recipient can track the progress of the shipment by using the Track & Trace feature on Matkahuolto’s website. Tracking info can also be displayed on the online store’s website based on the info provided by Matkahuolto.

Technical description of tracking info

Sample files

To facilitate deployment, Matkahuolto offers sample codes in some of the most common web programming languages. The sample codes may be used freely for both private and commercial purposes. The codes may be used as they are or modified at the user’s risk. Please note that the reliability of the sample codes has not been tested under all conditions.





Testing and deployment

To test the interface, Matkahuolto’s servers offer a testing environment which returns a reply of correct format to the requests submitted. No consignments submitted using the testing environment are actually processed. Deployment is easy by changing the contact address.

Here’s how to get started - Customer IDs and technical support

For testing and deployment, you will need a free customer ID. You can order it by e-mail from Matkahuolto at

Additional information on the user or XML interface is provided by the help desk The e-mail address to the help desk is

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