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Matkahuolto’s parcel lockers

Matkahuolto’s parcel locker terminals 

The new parcel locker terminals will expand and upgrade Matkahuolto’s existing parcel service network. They are designed to provide better service and respond to changing customer requirements. According to a survey conducted by Matkahuolto, nearly 40 per cent of customers prefer personal service at the pick-up points while another 40 per cent prefer parcel lockers.

Parcel locker terminals as part of your company`s service network

  • Like Matkahuolto’s other parcel pick-up points, parcel lockers are available for all customers.

  • Consumers can use the lockers to send and collect parcels and return items purchased from online stores.

  • The arrival notification sent to the recipient contains an opening code that makes it easy to pick up the parcel.

  • In the terminal, there are four locker sizes:

    • S: height 104, width 402, depth 576 mm

    • M: height 222, width 402, depth 576 mm

    • L: height 461, width 402, depth 576 mm

    • XL: height 700, width 402, depth 576 mm

  • Limitations

    • If the parcel is too big to fit in a parcel locker or if the terminal is full, the parcel is diverted to another nearby parcel terminal. The recipient is informed of any diversion in the arrival notification.

    • The recipient information provided on parcels delivered to locker terminals must always include either the mobile phone number or e-mail address for the arrival notification. If only the address information is provided, the parcel is redirected to a nearby Matkahuolto service point offering personal service.

    • If the consignment is a cash-on-delivery item, the parcel is redirected to a nearby Matkahuolto service point offering personal service.

    • Multiparcel shipments can not be sent to parcel locker terminals.

    • No extra holding time can be purchased for parcels to be picked up at locker terminals

How to use the parcel locker


Send a domestic or international parcel

Prices starting from €5.70 for domestic and €9.90 for international parcels.

Manage all your parcels in one app!

In the Parcels app, you will find useful extra services in addition to sending, receiving and tracking parcels.
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