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Kauhava-Lapua-Seinäjoki serial tickets

Tickets are available for purchase in the Trips and Tickets mobile app.

Travel area

The 44-trip ticket can be used to travel on services operated by Härmän Liikenne on the route Kauhava-Lapua-Seinäjoki in the zone for which the ticket has been purchased.

Zone boundaries

Voltti-Kauhava (zone boundary) Lapua (zone boundary) Seinäjoki

Period of validity

The serial ticket is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.


The ticket is personal and cannot be used to pay for other passengers' trips.



Price €

44-trip serial ticket - One zone, 90 days

  • Voltti-Kauhava
  • Lapua internal traffic
  • Seinäjoki internal traffic (excluding local traffic)

110,00 €

44-trip serial ticket - Two zones, 90 days

  • Voltti-Kauhava-Lapua
  • Lapua-Seinäjoki (excluding Seinäjoki local traffic)

176,00 €


There are no extra charges for traveling, such as a nightly fee or a stroller fee.

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