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Extra services for contract customers


Parcels can be sent cash-on-delivery (COD) by bus just like parcels by post. The Cash-on-Delivery service is available only for Bus Parcels and maximum amount is 2500 eur. A parcel designated as COD will only be handed over to the consignee (recipient) after payment of the amount of COD indicated by the consignor (sender) in the address card. The COD amount is paid to the consignor’s bank account once the consignee has collected the parcel. The payment time is four banking days as of the date when the parcel was handed over to the consignee. If the payee’s bank is other than Nordea, the payment will be in the account on the fifth banking day.

Consigment to be collected in person (by addressee only)

This service means that the item is only handed over to the person to whom it is addressed and it is available only for Bus Parcels. It cannot be claimed on behalf of the recipient using a written authorisation. When the item is handed over at the pick-up point, an official photo ID is required to verify that the recipient is of age. Consignments to be to be collected in person are not handed over to people who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.  

This extra service (Consignment to be collected in person) must always be selected for items containing firearms, related materials and supplies or firearm spare parts. This extra service can also be selected for other items when the sender wishes to ensure that the item is only released to a named recipient. 

Handle with Care

If the parcel contains fragile items, it is advisable to label it as a parcel to be handled with care. A consignment to be handled with care must be duly packaged as required by contents and provided with Matkahuolto’s ‘Handle with Care’ stickers. Read the packaging instructions.
The ‘Handle with Care’ designation is available for Bus Parcels, Express Parcels, Delivery Parcels, and Near Parcels, but not for XXS Parcels

Dangerous Goods (ADR)

Contents classified as dangerous goods can be transported subject to certain conditions and limitations.

A consignment with dangerous goods must be duly packaged as required by contents and provided with appropriate ADR stickers. Read the packaging instructions.
The ADR service is available for Bus Parcels, Express Parcels, Delivery Parcels, and Customer return Parcels, but not for Near Parcel and XXS Parcels.

Extended storage period

The standard storage period for parcels is 7 days, after which unclaimed parcels will be returned to the sender. With this service the storage period is extended by 7 days. Surcharge will only be applied if the consignee does not pick up the parcels during standard storage period. The service is available for Bus Parcels, Near Parcels and XXS Parcels. It is also available for Home delivery and Delivery Parcels but these are delivered to the recipient by default.

Call to consignee

Delivery time is agreed with consignee by phone if consignee has not chosen delivery time slot from electronic query on third day after sending. Additional service is charged only for successful calls.


A surcharge of EUR 2.00 per parcel will apply to consignments consisting of several parcels.

Large Items

The Large surcharge will apply if the size of the parcel exceeds 60 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm.

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