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New Paketit Business Portal

We have developed a new and convenient business portal, Paketit Business Portal, for our contract customers. Paketit Business Portal replaces the MPaketti customer interface, and it will be rolled out in phases for different customer groups. For the time being, you can still use the old MPaketti customer interface and the new Paketit Business Portal side by side.

Paketit Business Portal has been developed with a special focus on ease of use and intuitiveness.  

Paketit Business Portal serves channel for business customers, allowing them not only to create consignments and pick-up orders, but also to contact customer service directly and view and manage their own company-specific information.

Customer information and login

You can log in to the Paketit Business Portal with your MPaketti credentials.To log in to the Paketit Business Portal with your current credentials, you must have an email address stored in your user data. You can add your email address in the MPaketti customer interface. You must store your email address in the email address field, and the user ID cannot simply be in the form of an email address.Almost all of the customer and user-specific information stored in the old MPaketti customer interface has been passed on to the Paketit Business Portal.

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The Paketit Business Portal allows you to:

  • create domestic consignments, including Express Parcels and Pallet Freight, as well as international parcels and print address cards

  • see a price estimate for a consignment

  • track the status of your consignment in real time

  • edit the details of your consignment, such as update the recipient’s contact details

  • divert an already sent consignment to another pick-up point or have it delivered to the recipient’s door

  • order a pick-up for one or more consignments

  • store consignment templates for favourite consignments

  • maintain an address book of personal and customers addresses

  • easily submit a ticket to customer service using the contact form

  • manage users and permissions

  • view reports on, for example, consignment volumes and invoicing

  • view company information, such as information related to invoicing or return agreements

Good to know:

The current MPaketti customer interface will remain in use until summer 2024, but we recommend that you start using the new Paketit Business Portal straight away. The new Paketit Business Portal works in the browser and does not require separate software to be installed. You can log in from any computer with a personal user ID and password.

Frequently asked questions

To begin with, the sender address you use is stored on the consignment creation page for the duration of the login. We will later introduce an option to set a user-specific default sender address.

If you have saved recipient information in the address book, you can search for a recipient in the search field by customer number, name or address details, such as street address or postcode. Please note that you cannot search for information with a Matkahuolto customer number. The search will only work through the search field, not for example by entering a customer number or name and moving to the next field.

  • You can save the recipient’s information directly when creating a consignment by selecting the “Save recipient to address book” button at the bottom of the recipient section.
  • In addition, you can save recipient information in the address book section either individually by clicking the Create New button or alternatively by importing recipient information from a csv file.

Arrival notifications are always sent by text message if a telephone number is included in the details of the consignment. If there is both a phone number and an email address, the arrival notification will be sent to both. If the recipient has the Paketit app, it may be that he or she has also subscribed to notifications through it.

It is a good idea to include your phone number and email address in all consignments, including those delivered to the recipient’s address. This way, if the delivery fails for one reason or another, we can inform the recipient where to pick up the consignment. As the delivery times for paper letters are getting longer all the time and the holding time for parcels is 7 days, we prefer electronic notification. Providing a phone number is also recommended to ensure that in the event of a delivery obstacle (for example, a locked door), our driver can call the recipient.

You can save the consignment if you fill in the recipient’s email address. One piece of information, either a phone number or an email address, is sufficient.

You must obtain the customer number to be used from the payer. We recommend saving the customer number as part of the recipient’s information in the address book, so you don’t have to write it separately each time.

You can import recipient addresses in CSV format. In the address book, on the Recipients tab, there is an Import CSV link after the address list. Click on the link to open a window where you can search for a file to download from your device. The file must be in the correct format, i.e. contain the required fields. The easiest way to get the format is to export one or more addresses from the address book by clicking on the Download CSV link and using this file as a template. More information about exporting addresses: if you have selected one or more rows by ticking the checkbox, the Download CSV function will only export the selected rows to the file. However, if no selections have been made, all the rows in the address book will be imported into the file.

Yes, but you will not be able to create the main company address, which Matkahuolto will create for you.

You cannot delete the sender address set as the main address.

On the home page (in the Consignments section), select Create a Return Consignment and choose the service you want for your incoming consignment. There are differences in the product types available for outgoing and return consignments, e.g. the Customer Return product type is only available for return consignments.

You can order a pick-up either directly when creating a consignment or alternatively, in the consignment list view for several consignments at a time, by first selecting all consignments to be picked up using the checkboxes on the right, and then clicking the Order Pick-up button.

Create a consignment template and enter the information you want in the Content field (which can be found below the product type and extra services). At the same time, you can also store any other information related to the consignment, such as sender, recipient, payer or reference information.

In the Paketit Business Portal, the default product type functionality has been replaced by consignment templates. With a customer name or customer number, you can create a consignment template where you can store not only the product type, but also any information related to the creation of the consignment.

Consignment templates can be used to store any information related to the creation of a consignment. They can be used, for example, for different types of delivery (e.g. “warehouse-to-store” or “consumer-to-pick-up point”) or to specify recipient-specific details (e.g. attaching a specific pick-up point and reference information to a consignment template called “Customer A”).

If you want to save a consignment template without having filled in all the fields required to create a consignment, you must save it in the Consignment Templates section by clicking on the Create New button.