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Parcel Service's Prices for Contract Customers

The price is based on actual weight or volume weight (width x length x height x 250 kg), whichever price is higher. The price charged for consignments containing several parcels is determined according to the combined weight of the parcels. The Multi-parcel additional service can be used to send a maximum of five parcels from a specific consignor to a specific consignee as a single consignment. XXS Parcel may include only one parcel.

The maximum size of all parcels delivered at basic rate is 60 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm and the maximum weight is 30 kg. The Large surcharge will apply if even one of the parcels in the consignment exceeds the maximum size of 60 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm or weighs over 30 kg.

International rates are valid for deliveries from any location in Finland.

The currently applicable value added tax and fuel surcharge will be added to the prices.

Parcels picked up from all Matkahuolto service outlets Measurements at basic rateMeasurements with additional service LargePrice without additional services
Pick-up parcelMax 60 x 60 x 100 cmLongest side 200 cm / width + depth + height 300 cm / 0,5 m38,43 €/consignment + 0,33 €/kg
XXS ParcelMax 3 x 25 x 40 cm-3,88 €/parcel
Parcels picked up from Matkahuolto service outlets and agent outlets   
Bus ParcelMax 60 x 60 x 100 cmLongest side 200 cm / width + depth + height 300 cm / 0,5 m39,54 €/consignment + 0,33 €/kg
Express ParcelMax 60 x 60 x 100 cmLongest side 200 cm / width + depth + height 300 cm / 0,5 m320,18 €/consignment+ 0,72 €/kg
Parcels delivered to the customer's doorstep   
Business ParcelMax 60 x 60 x 100 cmLongest side 240 cm / width + depth + height 360 cm14,53 €/consignment + 0,50 €/kg
Home ParcelMax 60 x 60 x 100 cmLongest side 240 cm / width + depth + height 360 cm16,75 €/consignment + 0,50 €/kg
XXS Mailbox Delivery3 x 25 x 40 cm-5,82 €/parcel
Bicycle Consignment-Length max 230 cm, width max 80 cmStandard freight weight 150 kg as Business Parcel or Home Parcel

Additional services

Additional ServicePrice
Large (one parcel over 60 x 60 x 100 cm or over 30 kg)8,62 €/consignment
Handle with Care8,62 €/consignment
Cash on Delivery has ended on 31 march 20237,34 €/consignment
Multi-parcel2,18 €/extra parcel
LQ / Dangerous goods8,62 €/consignment
To be collected in person5,35 €/consignment
Extended storage time2,18 €/consignment
Delivery without Acknowledgement0,00 €
Call to recipient5,46 €/consignment
Shipment document creation on customer's behalf10,81 €/consignment
Address label printing (also for shipments with activation code or return code)1,97 €/consignment
Arrival notification sent as a letter3,27 €/each
Pick-up order by phone or email10,81 €/order
Modification to shipment information15,18 €/change
Extra work faulty EDI message8,37 €/consignment
Extra work faulty address label8,37 €/consignment
Extra work insufficient packaging8,37 €/consignment
Other extra work47,66 €/h (minimum charge 0.5 h) 
Altering service to Pallet Freight20,90 €/consignment
Pick-up and delivery14,53 €/consignment + 0,11 €/kg
Express pick-up and delivery22,41 €/consignment + 0,22 €/kg 
Ferry surcharge5,19 €/consignment

Invoicing below minimum amount (when the invoice amount is less than € 100 VAT 0%)

9,90 €/invoice

Billing fee (transport credit)14,75/month
Paper invoice5,46 €/invoice

International parcel services

  Parcels to be picked up at service points

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania11,90 €/consignment +  0,55 €/kg
Sweden, Denmark, Germany14,08 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg19,54 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
France (FR), Spain (ES)31,56 €/consignment +  0,55 €/kg
Prices are VAT. 0%


Parcels to be delivered to recipient's door (8:00-16:00)

Business Parcel

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania18,45 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Sweden, Denmark, Germany20,64 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, France, Czech Republic27,18 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary28,28 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Portugal34,83 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Bosnia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Greece, Romania, Serbia45,75 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Prices are VAT. 0%


Parcels to be delivered to recipient's door

Home Parcel (Delivery time is agreed with the recipient)

Estonia23,91 €/consignment + 0,55 €/kg
Sweden, Denmark, Germany 26,09 €/consignment + 2,08 €/kg
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic32,65 €/consignment + 2,08 €/kg
Spain, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, France, Slovakia, Slovenia40,28 €/consignment + 2,08 €/kg
Croatia, Portugal47,93 €/consignment + 2,08 €/kg
Prices are VAT. 0%



All prices are VAT. 0%. 24% VAT is added to the prices. If the country of destination is outside the EU there is VAT. however, 0%. The current foreign fuel surcharge is added to the prices.

Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharge

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Late delivery to our terminals

You can also take outgoing consignments directly to our logistics terminals. Consignments left at our terminals within their opening hours will be delivered the same evening! This means many more useful hours to collect e-commerce orders and deliver parcels quickly to recipients.

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