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Matkahuolto references

The customer is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal is to continuously improve the customer experience. We want our customers to enjoy services of the highest quality.

Matkahuolto to serve as Stockmann’s principal carrier during the Crazy Days campaign

Crazy Days (Hullut Päivät in Finnish) is a massive logistical effort whose success hinges on fast and reliable deliveries. Matkahuolto responds to this need by offering a seamless customer experience and truly extensive service network, which supports Stockmann’s customer-driven business strategy.

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Cooperation between and Matkahuolto has already lasted for 10 years’s experience with Matkahuolto services is that everything has gone as it should with Matkahuolto. Matkahuolto services have worked quite well and the reliability of delivery has been a positive experience.

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Familon’s partnership with Matkahuolto enables sustainable deliveries – quickly and reliably.

From Familon’s perspective, Matkahuolto’s strength lies in its ability to combine parcel deliveries with passenger traffic, which contributes to the attainment of Familon’s sustainability goals. Another important aspect of operations is that Matkahuolto’s delivery service is highly reliable and its network is truly extensive.

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Fotonordic – fast service and smooth cooperation with Matkahuolto

It’s been great to work with Matkahuolto. We appreciate the possibility of getting in touch with a contact person, customer service desk or local Matkahuolto terminal to clear things up quickly. Even special situations are addressed efficiently by Matkahuolto

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Matkahuolto delivers most of the parcels sent by Kontti

Matkahuolto is the preferred carrier for Kontti’s customers, who have been satisfied with the speed of delivery. One of the main reasons for to Kontti select Matkahuolto as its partner was sustainability – a policy shared by both. Of the delivery options offered by Matkahuolto, the most popular is the Near Parcel while smaller items are also delivered as XXS parcels. The locker terminals are the most popular pick-up points.

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Matkahuolto’s flexible and punctual local service with familiar faces is a sound basis for efficient cooperation

Virtasenkauppa’s cooperation with Matkahuolto works smoothly and both parties appear satisfied, which is reflected in the performance of the delivery chain. We visit Matkahuolto three times a day to speed up deliveries.

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Matkahuolto partnered with the Ahti Huvila online store in 2015

Our customers have been extremely pleased with Matkahuolto’s locker terminals and extensive network of pick-up points. Most of the feedback received is positive.

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Matkahuolto’s extensive network ensures that Luurinetti customers receive their parcels at locations most convenient for them

Matkahuolto’s high-speed deliveries to all parts of Finland support Luurinetti’s ambition of being a fast and flexible online store with excellent customer service

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