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Akaa city ticket

Ticket sales of Akaa city ticket ends on 30.4.2023.

The Akaa City Ticket provides the right to unrestricted travel in the Akaa municipal area for the duration of the ticket's validity.

  • The serial ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

  • The tickets are multi-user, and they can be also used to pay for other passengers' trips.

  • The ticket is valid in the following bus companies' buses only: Atomi Lines Oy, Bussiliikenne Koivisto Oy, Rautaveden Liikenne Oy, Valkeakosken Liikenne Oy, Vesilahden Liikenne Oy, and Väinö Paunu Oy.

  • City Ticket bearers may also be required to pay other supplementary fees, e.g., for express or night services or travelling with a pram.

City Ticket price

Selection of city tickets availablePrice (€)Price starting from 2.9.2021 (€)
10-trip serial ticket, adults30,0020,00
10-trip serial ticket, children (4–11 years)16,70-
22-trip serial ticket, adults61,8040,00
22-trip serial ticket, children (4–11 years)36,30-
44-trip serial ticket, adults100,4080,00
44-trip serial ticket, children (4–11 years)66,90-


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