Kangasniemi serial ticket

Kangasniemi serial ticket

The Kangasniemi Serial Ticket entitles the ticket bearer to bus trips in and around Kangasniemi during the validity period of the ticket.

  • The ticket is for residents of Kangasniemi only.

  • The travel card is topped up with 30 or 44 journeys at a time. The serial ticket for 30 journeys is valid for 30 days after the latest topping up. The serial ticket for 44 journeys is valid for one year after latest topping up.

  • On journeys with more than one leg, each leg is considered as a separate journey.

  • Other supplementary fees (for express or night routes or travelling with a pram) need not be paid.

The Kangasniemi Serial Ticket is for personal use only. For this reason, at ticket purchase customers will be required to show proof of identity, i.e., a passport, police-issued ID card or driving license.


During the purchase of the Kangasniemi Serial Ticket, the customer signs a voucher in which the terms and conditions of the ticket are explained. It is also possible to print out and fill in the voucher ahead of time, before you actually make your Kangasniemi Serial Ticket purchase.

Kangasniemen sarjalipun palveluseteli

Kangasniemi Serial Ticket price

YhteysväliLipputuoteKM enint.Hinta (€)
Kangasniemi-Mikkeli30 matkan sarjalippu55106,80
Kangasniemi-Mikkeli44 matkan sarjalippu55216,40
44 matkan sarjalippu


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