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Travel card

Travel card

Ticket products are loaded onto the Matkahuolto Travel Card.

What trips is it good for?



6,50 €

Where to buy the card

Travel Cards are available from all Matkahuolto service points and some agents.

Validity of the Travel Card

The Travel Card has a service life of 3 years, after which it must be replaced by a new card. The service life expiration is one way of ensuring that all Matkahuolto Travel Cards will work properly. The period of validity of all tickets loaded onto the Travel Card can be seen on the purchase receipt. All of the valid travel time on the card can be exhausted, even if the Travel Card’s service life has expired.

Other information

Two types of Travel Cards are available: remote-readable cards and contact-readable cards.


The value of the remaining season or trips stored on a lost Travel Card is eligible for refund subject to Matkahuolto’s Refund Terms and Conditions, excluding any trips made on or prior to the notification date or the period of time elapsed by said date. A request for investigation may be submitted to any of Matkahuolto's service points. The investigation request and claim for refund must be accompanied by the purchase receipt of the latest Travel Card top-up. An investigation fee of €20 will be charged when the claim for refund is made. Any refund will be paid to the customer’s bank account following completion of the investigation.


The ticket products except for Single and eBus Ticket, are loaded onto the Matkahuolto Travel Card.

Additional information

It is advisable to store the Travel Card carefully, preferably in a separate case to protect it from dirt, scratches and bending. Matkahuolto accepts no responsibility for costs arising from loss or careless handling of the card.

History of the Matkahuolto Travel Card

The first Matkahuolto Travel Cards were taken into use on a trial basis in Kotka in 1988, and the system was extended to the whole city transport network in 1992. A nationwide Travel Card network was introduced in 1997. Today over 500,000 travellers use the Matkahuolto Travel Card in Finland.

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Travel card

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