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24/7 outdoor lockers operated with the Paketit app near you

The new outdoor parcel lockers can be used to both send and pick up parcels around the clock using Matkahuolto’s Paketit app. The Paketit app is easy to use and provides convenient guidance from start to finish. As a new feature, these outdoor parcel lockers now allow you to choose a lower box for your delivery!

The parcel lockers are located in residential areas, near residential buildings or in the immediate vicinity of courtyards, to make it easier to manage your parcel deliveries close to home.

How to send a parcel from an app-based outdoor locker:

  1. Download Matkahuolto’s Paketit app.

  2. Buy a parcel from the app.

  3. After purchase, select “Send from” -> Find the nearest service point

  4. Reserve the right size box for your parcel. The box reservation is valid for 12 hours. If you want to select a lower box for your deliveries, go to My account in the app and choose Locker accessibility.

  5. Write the activation code (you can find it in the app), the recipient’s name and phone number and the sender’s name on the parcel.

  6. Go to the locker of your choice, open the Paketit app and enable Bluetooth connection.

  7. In the app, select My packages -> Sent -> “Open box” for the delivery in question.

  8. Leave the parcel in the box and close its door securely.

How to pick up a parcel from an app-based outdoor locker:

  1. Download Matkahuolto’s Paketit app.

  2. Go to the indicated locker, open the Paketit app and enable Bluetooth connection.

  3. Press “Open box”. The Paketit app asks you to accept the use of Bluetooth, select “Allow”.

  4. The app opens the box door and shows the message “Box opened”.

  5. Remember to close the box door properly.

Download the Paketit app from your app store:


Can’t send or pick up from an app-based locker?

Contact our customer service.

Frequently asked questions

Picking up parcels

Matkahuolto’s Paketit app.

No, they can’t. Only the recipient can pick up the parcel from outdoor parcel lockers operated with the Paketit app. At our other service points (including other parcel lockers), the parcel can also be picked up by another person using the pick-up code.

We always recommend downloading the app as the first option. However, if it is not possible to download the app, please contact our customer service.

You can change the pick-up point for your incoming parcel in the Paketit app before your parcel is sorted by Matkahuolto. Once a parcel has been sorted for delivery to a parcel locker, it is not possible to change the pick-up point.

Extending the pick-up time is only possible in exceptional circumstances, such as when the locker is out of order. In such a case, please contact our customer service.

If you don’t see the button to open the box, update the Paketit app in your app store.

If the parcel does not appear in the app, this is probably due to incomplete or incorrect contact details. Check the accuracy of the contact details. The contact details of the parcel must match your login details in the Paketit app. Minor errors, such as typos in the recipient’s phone number or email address, can be corrected by customer service. If the details do not match, contact the sender to correct them.

Unfortunately, you can’t. If you save the consignment yourself, you will be able to track the parcel, but you cannot purchase extra services or open the box. The consignment will automatically appear in your parcels when the parcel’s contact details match your login details in the Paketit app.

If the box doesn’t open and you can’t pick up your parcel, contact customer service.

If the parcel locker is out of order, contact customer service.

If the box is empty, contact customer service.

If there is a wrong parcel in the box, contact customer service.

App-based parcel lockers operate without mains power. This feature allows outdoor parcel lockers to be located closer to residential areas, giving our customers the flexibility to use them 24/7, every day of the year.

Downloading the app and logging in is quick and easy. If you send or receive Matkahuolto parcels even occasionally, the app offers many useful extra services in addition to the basic functions. The app also includes a chat feature that allows you to chat with a Matkahuolto customer service representative if you have a question or problem.

Sending parcels

You can open the box with the Paketit app when you have paid for the consignment in advance or are in the process of making a customer return. Pre-book the box in the app and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

The Paketit app does not currently have a separate interface for contract customers. Parcel lockers equipped with a display are in normal use.