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Cookie policy

Oy Matkahuolto Ab
Business identity code 0111393-9
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Tel. 020 710 5000

(Hereinafter “Matkahuolto” or “We”).

Matkahuolto uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as tags found in mobile applications (together “cookies”) on its website and other Matkahuolto electronic channels (together “Matkahuolto websites”). Based on your consent, we also allow third parties to use cookies on Matkahuolto websites. With the help of cookies, we improve the usability of Matkahuolto websites and provide targeted up-to-date information about the services and benefits offered by Matkahuolto or its partners.

Oy Matkahuolto Ab
Customer Service Centre
P.O. Box 100
00101 Helsinki


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when you visit a website or browse Matkahuolto websites. Cookies are used to store information about your visit and activities on Matkahuolto websites. Cookies contain an identifier (for example, a randomly generated number sequence) that enables the identification of different browsers visiting Matkahuolto websites. Cookies do not use the user’s name, email address or home address, and the data collected by cookies cannot, as such, be linked to a specific person without using additional information, with the exception of certain third-party cookies. For more information about the cookies used on Matkahuolto websites, including third-party cookies, see section 5 of this cookie policy.
Cookies do not affect security and cannot spread viruses or malware.
Matkahuolto websites use session cookies and persistent cookies:

  • Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

  • Persistent cookies will remain on your device until they are removed or expire.

The use of certain third-party cookies on Matkahuolto websites is based on the user’s express consent. By clicking a button in a separate pop-up window upon accessing Matkahuolto’s website for the first time, you accept the use of third-party cookies.
You can also use Matkahuolto websites without consenting to cookies. If you have not given your consent to the use of cookies, Matkahuolto websites only use cookies that are necessary, for example, to enable the technical functioning of the website or to ensure data security. For more information on how to withdraw your consent, see section 6 below.


Matkahuolto and third parties use cookies to collect information about visitors to Matkahuolto websites such as the following:

  • user’s IP address

  • time of the visit

  • pages visited

  • browser used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox)

  • website address from which the user has accessed Matkahuolto websites

  • server from which the user has accessed Matkahuolto websites


Our primary purpose for using and allowing third-parties to use cookies is to enable Matkahuolto websites to function, to better understand how people use Matkahuolto websites and to improve navigation on Matkahuolto websites. For example, cookies can be used to determine whether you have already visited certain pages on Matkahuolto websites, or whether you are visiting Matkahuolto websites for the first time.
The cookies used on Matkahuolto websites can be divided into the following categories:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are necessary for the operation of Matkahuolto websites or the provision of certain Matkahuolto services. They include, for example, cookies that allow you to use a shopping cart or log in to sections of Matkahuolto websites that require a password, or that are necessary to ensure the security of Matkahuolto websites.

  • Functionality cookies: We use functionality cookies to identify you when you return to Matkahuolto websites. They enable, for example, the customisation of the content of Matkahuolto websites based on your previous choices or preferences (such as chosen language or region), and greet you by your name.

  • Analytics and performance cookies: These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors to Matkahuolto websites and learn more about how users of Matkahuolto websites navigate around the various pages. This helps us improve the usability of the websites ensuring, for example, that users can easily find the content they are looking for.

  • Targeting cookies: Targeting cookies are used to collect information about visitors to Matkahuolto websites for marketing purposes in order to create target groups, as well as target and display advertising to users who are likely to be interested in it. Targeting cookies are used to collect information about, for example, what content you have viewed and what links you have clicked on the Matkahuolto websites. Based on this information, our service providers, such as Facebook or Google, or its partner can create target groups of users likely to be interested in the advertising for the services of Matkahuolto or its partners based on the visited Matkahuolto website page. By targeting advertising, we aim to show users meaningful and topical ads.

Matkahuolto websites use the following cookies:

Purpose of cookieServiceAdditional information
Collection and analysis of website statistics for website developmentGoogle AnalyticsLearn more about how Google uses cookies here
Targeting, implementing, and analysing advertising to show ads likely to be of interest to users.Google advertising networkIf the user has a Google Account, Google may associate the tag in the cookie with the user’s Google Account. Learn more about how Google uses cookies for targeted advertising here.
Targeting, implementing, and analysing advertising to show ads likely to be of interest to users. Facebook If the user has a Facebook account, Facebook will associate the tag in the cookie with the corresponding Facebook user in order to display ads likely to be of interest to them. Facebook uses tags to create target groups for the advertiser, i.e. Matkahuolto, and Matkahuolto can display ads related to the content of the website accessed by the visitors. Matkahuolto cannot identify individual Facebook users in the target group. Learn more about how Facebook uses cookies here
Targeting, implementing, and analysing advertising to show ads likely to be of interest to users.AdformLearn more about how Adform uses cookies here
Targeting, implementing, and analysing advertising to show ads likely to be of interest to users.VineLearn more about how Vine uses cookies here. 



If you wish to cancel your consent to use cookies, you can block cookies and delete cookies already stored on your terminal. Blocking cookies does not completely prevent you from using Matkahuolto websites, although some of the functionality of Matkahuolto websites may no longer be available to you after you block cookies. Also, blocking cookies does not prevent ads from showing, but ads will not be displayed based on your cookie information. So you can see Matkahuolto’s ads, but their display is not based on your visit to Matkahuolto websites. You can restore cookies at any time.

You can change the cookie settings at or block their use in your browser settings.


Matkahuolto reserves the right to update and revise this cookie policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, Matkahuolto may not necessarily notify the users of its websites personally, and Matkahuolto therefore urges users to check this cookie policy from time to time for any changes.

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