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Karkkila-Helsinki season ticket

The Karkkila–Helsinki Commuter Ticket entitles the ticket bearer to bus trips between Vihti and the capital city region on the route for which the ticket was purchased for as long as the ticket is valid.

Ticket is topped up on a new travel card.

  • The season ticket is valid for 30 days.

  • Using the season ticket, the journey can be 75 km long at most.

  • The season ticket is for personal use only. For this reason, at ticket purchase customers will be required to show proof of identity, i.e., a passport, police-issued ID card or driving license.

  • The ticket can be used between Vihti and the capital city region.

  • The ticket product can be topped up in Matkahuolto service points, R-kiosks and on buses operated by the named companies.

  • Other supplementary fees (for express or night routes or travelling with a pram) need not be paid.

  • Price of the ticket product is EUR 210,00

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