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Matkahuolto and Scandinavian Outdoor partnership

What is central to the partnership between Matkahuolto and Scandinavian Outdoor it that the two companies share many of their values. Both companies are committed to:

  • entrepreneurial spirit

  • domestic-supply

  • sustainability

  • investing in online and digital business

Matkahuolto is a fast and reliable partner

“Matkahuolto is a reliable and longstanding partner of Scandinavian Outdoor delivering parcels for the company’s online business. We rely on Matkahuolto’s extensive parcel locker and pick-up point network as well as the quick and reliable service. As a Finnish online store and chain, it is also important to us that our delivery partner is Finnish,” says Kuutti Haapanen, Head of Ecommerce & Marketing for Scandinavian Outdoor.

Scandinavian Outdoor focuses on sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips at the moment, but Scandinavian Outdoor has also put sustainability into practice and has done so for decades. They select their products carefully: they only sell sustainable products that will bring joy to their owners for a long time to come. As part of its sustainability concept, the company is proud to be 100% Finnish-owned and to employ 100 outdoor experts in Finland.

Matkahuolto was named as Finland’s most sustainable parcel delivery and logistics brand in the Sustainable Brand Index. It is highly important to us that our partners operate on ethically sustainable principles. We want to ensure that our partners have robust environmental, social and economic sustainability programmes in place. Read more about sustainability at Matkahuolto.

Scandinavian Outdoor is an experienced outfitter for life outdoors. All you have to do is to enjoy yourself!

For the past 50 years, Scandinavian Outdoor has been doing its utmost so that everyone could enjoy life outdoors. Thanks to our Finnish roots, the company is very familiar with the biodiversity of nature, all of its beauty, and the challenges it poses. The team at Scandinavian Outdoor are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, whi know the demands nature can place on trekkers and hikers.

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