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Matkahuolto open interfaces

Matkahuollon avoimen datan lisensointi

Matkahuolto’s open data material is licensed under a Creative Commons Nimeä 4.0 Kansainvälinen license (as of 10 May 2019). It gives the right to copy, modify and redistribute the material in original or modified form. The material can also be combined with other materials and used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Under the Creative Commons 4.0 Nimeä license, the source of the material is named as required by the licensor. In practice, this means that when the licensed material is redistributed, it must be labelled with the names of the creators or other parties identified in the license in a reasonable manner as required by the licensor. This information may include, for example, a pseudonym or trademark in addition to or instead of a name.

Matkahuolto requires that the following procedure be followed for the designation:

  • The copyright notice contained in the material must be retained as indicated in the license. The copyright notice may also include the date of publication of the material, the version number of the material, the name of the publisher and other information relevant to the identification of the data.

  • The usual disclaimers contained in the material must be retained as indicated in the license. Where technically feasible, the source data should include a hyperlink to the website of the original material.

  • If the material has been edited, it must be marked as such and the edited material must include a hyperlink to the original unedited material.

  • The material must include a reference to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and a hyperlink to the license.

A summary of the license and the license itself can be found here:

Timetable and route interface

The information from the timetable and route interface can be used, for example, to build route guides. The timetable and route data are currently being converted to GTFS from the old format. The exact addresses of carrier-specific timetable interfaces are stored in the NAP service.

GTFS documentation

Booking and sales interface

The opening up of the booking and sales interface will enable the sale of single tickets also by operators outside Matkahuolto. The booking and sales interface is used under the same terms of use as the timetable and route interfaces.

Interface description

The starting address of the interface is

Test credentials

The interface can be tested with the following test credentials:

User ID: UlkAPIAvoin

Password: BUs28DefuNab?8aj3p3eqega

Number of searches: up to 1000 per day

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