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Jokilaakso tickets

The ticket is loaded on a new travel card.Ticket can be purchased from Matkahuolto's own service points and from Matkahuolto agencies who sell travel cards.

Season tickets

With the season ticket you can travel unlimitedly for 30 days in the area/between the connection for which the ticket was bought. All the season tickets are valid in Liikenne Huovari's buses. All excepet Alavieska season ticket are also valid in Oulaisten Liikenne buses. The season ticket is personal, and it cannot be used to pay for other passengers' trips.

TicketPricePrice starting from 6.6.2022
Sievi seasonticket 30 days 50 €53€
Ylivieska seasonticket 30 days 50 €53€
Sievi-Ylivieska 30 days 70 €74€
Alavieska seasonticket 30 days 50 €53€
Kalajoki seasonticket 30 days 50 €53€
Oulainen seasonticket 30 days 50 €53€
Oulainen-Ylivieska seasonticket 30 days 70 €74€
Kalajoki-Alavieska 30 days 70 €74€
Alavieska-Ylivieska 30 days 70 €74€
Kalajoki-Alavieska-Ylivieska 30 days 90 €96€

Serial tickets

With the serial ticket you can tavel around Jokilaakso area (Sievi, Ylivieska, Alavieska, Kalajoki, Oulainen, Raahe, Siikajoki) for the maximum kilometers for which the ticket is bought. The ticket is valid in the following bus operators' buses:

  • Oulaisten Liikenne

  • Paakinahon Liikenne

  • Oulun Taksipalvelut

  • Liikenne Huovari

  • Oy Rytkönen&CO

  • Saaga Travel

  • Mantelan Liikenne

  • Kamusen Liikenne

  • Raahen Tilausliikenne

  • Pohjolan Matka

The serial ticket is valid for one year from the purchase. The serial ticket is multi-user card, and it can be used to pay for other passengers' trips as well. The childrens serial ticket is for 4 to 16 year olds.

Serial ticket prices starting from 6.6.2022

Serial ticket prices until 5.6.2022

There are no other separate charges for the ticket holder, such as an express shift surcharge, a night shift surcharge or a charge for transporting prams.

Ticket can be topped up after purchase at Matkahuolto's own service points, Matkahuolto agencies who sell travel cards, on buses and with Bus Tickets mobile app.

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