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Privacy Statement: Assistance Services

Privacy Statement: Assistance Services

Oy Matkahuolto Ab
Business identity code 0111393-9
P.O. Box 100
00101 Helsinki
Tel. 020 710 5000

(Hereinafter “Matkahuolto” or “We”).

This privacy statement describes how Matkahuolto processes personal data when providing assistance services to people with reduced mobility and disabilities at Matkahuolto’s service outlets and bus stations in accordance with EU Regulation No. 181/2011 (“Assistance Services”). General information about Assistance Services can be found on the info page of our Assistance Services.

Matkahuolto acts as a controller for the personal data it collects and processes in connection with the provision of Assistance Services. As the controller, Matkahuolto is responsible for such personal data and their processing. As data protection is about trust, the protection of your privacy and personal data is of great importance to Matkahuolto. This is why Matkahuolto, in its capacity as the controller, only collects personal data to the extent necessary to be able to offer you first-rate Assistance Services.

Oy Matkahuolto Ab
Customer Service Centre
P.O. Box 100
00101 Helsinki

2. What data do we process?

In connection with the provision of Assistance Services, we process the following information:

  • Identifying information, i.e. name

  • Contact details, including telephone number and/or email address

  • Travel information such as the point of departure and arrival as well as the time of departure and arrival

  • Additional information necessary for the provision of the Assistance Service, which the person to be assisted or his or her assistant provides to Matkahuolto, such as information on the nature of the person’s disability or the type of assistance that the person needs.

We process your personal data to provide you with an opportunity to use our Assistance Service. Under the EU Regulation, Matkahuolto is obliged to provide Assistance Service under the EU Regulation, and thus the ground for processing personal data is the statutory obligation imposed on Matkahuolto.

4. Regular sources of data

We collect information from you, your assistant, legal guardian or other representative in connection with the ordering or provision of Assistance Service.

5. Transfers of personal data

Matkahuolto may transfer a data subject’s personal data to third parties for the purposes described in this privacy statement as explained below. When transferring personal data, Matkahuolto ensures, for example through contractual arrangements, that the processor of personal data processes such data only in accordance with the written instructions issued by Matkahuolto and exclusively for the purposes indicated in this privacy statement. Also, Matkahuolto ensures that access to personal data is limited to persons who need to access it for work-related reasons.

  • Processors of personal data: Matkahuolto may transfer personal data to processors for the purpose of providing services or completing tasks they have been assigned to carry out, such as IT system maintenance or other data processing tasks. Matkahuolto may also outsource tasks related to Assistance Services, allowing Matkahuolto to transfer personal data to a processor performing Assistance Services or related tasks.

  • Carriers: Matkahuolto transfers personal data to carriers to the extent necessary for the full implementation of the Assistance Service.

  • Agents: Matkahuolto transfers personal data to agents to the extent necessary for the full implementation of the Assistance Service.

6. Disclosures of personal data

We will disclose the personal data of individual customers to third parties only in the cases set forth below.

  • We may disclose the personal data of a data subject as required by competent authorities or other parties, in accordance with applicable law.

  • If we sell, buy, merge or otherwise organise our business, we or a party acting on our behalf may disclose your personal data to buyers and their advisors.

7. Personal data protection policy

Manually processed data is kept in locked rooms at Matkahuolto outlets.

Electronic data is stored in a database that may only be accessed by specifically designated staff members of the controller or a party acting on its behalf who need to access such data for work-related reasons, have received adequate training and are bound by a statutory or contract-based non-disclosure obligation.

The machine-readable service is located in a protected and locked computer room accessible only by technical personnel with access badges. The servers are protected through technical means.

All the data communications between the browser and the server environment are encrypted.

Access to servers and applications is restricted through role-based access control management.

8. Storage period and erasure of personal data

Matkahuolto retains the personal data provided in connection with the provision of Assistance Services for the statutory complaint period (three months) for the Assistance Services, after which the data will be destroyed in a secure manner, unless a complaint has been lodged against the service, in which case the data will be retained for the duration of the processing of the complaint.

9. Rights of data subjects

The EU General Data Protection Regulation guarantees data subjects a number of rights that you can exercise to determine how your personal data is processed. You may exercise the following rights in respect of Matkahuolto insofar as Matkahuolto serves as the controller of your personal data.

  • Right of access: The data subject has the right to receive a confirmation from Matkahuolto as to whether Matkahuolto processes his or her personal data and in order to access such data. Matkahuolto may request the data subject to formulate his or her request in more detail regarding the procedure for the delivery of the data, etc.

  • Right to correct personal data: The data subject has the right to correct any errors in the personal data processed by Matkahuolto or complete any incomplete data. When requesting a correction, the data subject needs to be aware that all information cannot be changed retroactively by such request. For example, the contents of the decisions concerning the data subject’s benefits cannot be amended. Specific appeal procedures exist for such decisions as explained in each individual decision.

  • Right to be forgotten: If there is no longer any legal basis for the processing of personal data or a statutory or contractual provision obligating Matkahuolto to retain personal data ceases to apply, the data subject has the right to demand that Matkahuolto erase his or her personal data and Matkahuolto is required to comply with the request.

  • Limitation of processing: In certain cases stipulated by law, the data subject may have the right to demand that Matkahuolto limit the processing of his or her personal data.

The data subject may exercise the above rights by contacting Matkahuolto Customer Service Centre referred to in section 1 of this privacy statement.

Matkahuolto will take prompt action in response to the data subject’s request and will provide the data subject with information on the exercise of rights normally within one month of receipt of the request.

Additionally, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint concerning the processing of personal data by Matkahuolto with the data protection authority. Any complaint must be filed with the competent authority, in Finland with the Data Protection Ombudsman in accordance with the instructions they provide. Address of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s website:

10. In conclusion

Matkahuolto reserves the right to update and revise this privacy statement. Unless otherwise provided by law, Matkahuolto may not necessarily notify the data subject of such changes personally, and Matkahuolto therefore urges data subjects to check this private statement from time to time for any changes.

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