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Christmas Memo

  • Last dates for sending Christmas parcels 

  • Download the Matkahuolto Paketit app 

  • Matkahuolto’s network of service points 

  • Tickets for Christmas holidays 

  • Download the Trips and Tickets app 

  • Our customer service during Christmas 

Christmas is here. Once again.

*Again, it’s just around the corner. The time of year when we celebrate Christmas in different ways. For some, the Christmas spirit is all about skiing and glittering snow, for others it’s about gathering around the Christmas table with the whole family, not to forget those who enjoy a good book and woolly socks in the corner of a sofa. No one way is better than the other, because the most important thing again this year is Christmas joy. *

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2024!

Last dates for sending Christmas parcels

When you send parcels no later than the following days in accordance with the parcel drop-off times at the service points, we will deliver them to service points for pick-up or the addressee’s door by Christmas Eve. Use the service point search to find your nearest service point and latest time for leaving parcels.

Parcel traffic is now at its peak, so pick up your incoming parcel as soon as possible!

Sending parcels in Finland

  • Domestic parcels, Wednesday, 20 December
  • Domestic home delivery parcels, Tuesday, 19 December
  • Express parcels,depending on the shift, even on Christmas Eve 24 December
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Sending parcels abroad

  • To the Baltics, Friday, 15 December
  • To the Nordic countries, Tuesday, 12 December
  • To the rest of Europe, Tuesday, 5 December
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Download the Paketit app

The Matkahuolto Paketit app does much more than just track parcels. It helps you in your everyday life. The app allows you to manage all your Matkahuolto parcels in the same app and easily send them around Finland and abroad.

5+1 reasons to use the Paketit app again this Christmas:

  • Quick deployment
  • A well-designed and praised user experience
  • Parcel tracking to make everyday life easier
  • Time-saving consignment management
  • Easy collection with a pick-up code
  • Parcels are always cheaper online!
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Opening hours of our service point network and service point search

Most of our nearly 2,300 service points, such as parcel lockers, K-markets and R Kiosks, are open seven days a week throughout the year, including Christmas. Use the service point search to find your nearest service point.

Parcel traffic is now at its peak, so pick up your incoming parcel as soon as possible.

Our service points

Tickets for Christmas holidays

The Christmas and New Year holidays are one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Please note that there are some exceptions in the bus timetables during public holidays. It is therefore advisable to check the timetables and purchase tickets in advance from the Routes and Tickets app or Matkahuolto’s website

All timetable information on a daily basis, including exceptions for public holidays, is also available on our website and in the Trips and Tickets app.