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Filling rate of pick-up points and redirection of parcels

Our goal is to provide the recipient with as good a customer experience as possible. The satisfaction of e-commerce customers is significantly reduced if the parcel they order is redirected to a pick-up point other than the one they have chosen. However, this can sometimes happen, as especially the most popular parcel lockers can be full at times. Therefore, we constantly monitor redirections and publish the data on our website on a monthly basis.

Share of parcels redirected in 2023

The table below shows the numbers of redirected parcels in 2023:



Service points

Parcel locker

May8.9%0.9 %23.4%
June9.7%1.2 %24.8%

The share of parcels redirected in 2022 was 7.3%.

In the Matkahuolto service network, the average distance between the original pick-up point and the backup pick-up point is 1.14 km across Finland, but this varies by pick-up point and region. In Helsinki, for example, the average distance to the backup pick-up point is 0.85 km and in Turku 0.92 km from the original pick-up point.

We constantly monitor redirections to backup pick-up points and make changes where necessary and possible to ensure that the backup pick-up point is as close as possible to the original point chosen by the recipient.

Busiest parcel lockers and those with the most space

The need for redirection varies greatly from one pick-up point to another. See the table below for the latest data on the busiest parcel lockers:

Busiest parcel lockers

LocalityParcel locker%Distance to backup pick-up point
LohjaParcel locker K-Citymarket Lohja85%0.0 km
KempeleParcel locker S-Market Kempele85%0.32 km
KotkaParcel locker K-Supermarket Pooki85%1.0 km
KuopioParcel locker K-Supermarket Pirtti84%1.0 km
KotkaParcel locker Kauppakeskus Pasaati81%0.0 km
SodankyläParcel locker S-Market Sodankylä81%0.30 km
HelsinkiParcel locker M-Market Laivurin Valinta80%0.78 km
HelsinkiParcel locker Alepa Kannelmäki80%0.80 km
EspooParcel locker K-Supermarket Aurora79%1.64 km
KeravaParcel locker K-Market Ahjontori78%2.39 km

On the other hand, the following parcel lockers, according to our latest data, have plenty of space:

Parcel lockers with most space

LocalityParcel locker
EspooParcel locker Kauppakeskus Ainoa
OuluParcel locker S-Market Kaukovainio
TuusulaParcel locker R-Kioski Tuusula Hyrylä Linja-Autoasema
SeinäjokiParcel locker S-Market Pajuluoma
KuusamoParcel locker Prisma Kuusamo
KeminmaaParcel locker Sale Keminmaa
TurkuParcel locker Prisma Länsikeskus
VantaaParcel locker S-Market Korso
RiihimäkiParcel locker Kauppakeskus Majakka
NurmijärviParcel lockerS-Market Nurmijärvi

A network of over 2,300 service points

Matkahuolto’s service network currently includes almost 2,300 service points. The filling of the pick-up points is monitored daily, their capacity is increased where possible, and new pick-up points are opened every week in response to increased demand. Our network is growing rapidly, especially in terms of parcel lockers but also in terms of other pick-up points.

Matkahuolto’s network is the most comprehensive network of pick-up points offering personalised service in Finland. 83% of people in this country live within 3 km and 60% within less than 1 km of the nearest pick-up point.

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