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Usein kysyttyä, sopimusasiakkaat

To become a Matkahuolto contract customer, contact

The service charge for transport credit is €14.75 per month and it is billed for the months during which there are billable transactions.

The MPaketti Customer Interface is an easy-to-use browser-based system provided free of charge.

Choose Pick-up Parcel if your customer will collect the parcel from one of our over 2000 pick-up points, and Delivery Parcel or Home Delivery if your customer wants the parcel delivered to their home. For more detailed descriptions of the different services, see our website

A pick-up note in the shipping information is not yet a pick-up order. Order a pick-up for your consignments on our website use this link or on MPaketti customer interface.

The MPaketti customer interface allows you to edit the recipient’s mobile phone number and e-mail address until the consignment has been collected. After editing the information, a new electronic arrival notification is sent to the recipient.

You can order address labels directly from the office supply distributor most suitable for your business, such as RCK Finland Oy. RCK Finland Oy supplies for example A5 EDI form with glue product with product number 1008070.

On the login page, there is a link to change your password. However, if your email address has changed and you do not receive a reply link, you can order a new password by sending an email to

For parcels to be picked up, the longest side of the parcel must not exceed 200 cm and the combined length (width + depth + height) must not exceed 300 cm. The maximum weight of a single parcel is 30 kg. (Pick-up Parcel, Express Parcel, Return Parcel.)

For parcels delivered to the recipient´s address, the longest side of the parcel must not exceed 240 cm and the combined length (width + depth + height) must not exceed 360 cm. The maximum weight of a single parcel is 35 kg. (Home Parcel, Business Parcel.)

A Large surcharge will apply to all parcels with dimensions exceeding 60 cm x 60 cm x 100 cm or weight exceeding 30 kg.

Business Parcel and Home Parcel are both items to be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. Business Parcel will be delivered to the recipient’s address on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm without further notice to the recipient. Home Parcel is a service where the recipient can choose the delivery date and time that suits them best. We recommend using Business Parcel for shipments to businesses and Home Parcel for shipments to consumers.

In both cases, the parcel can be handed over to a person at the address without a power of attorney.

Yes you can. Pallet carriage can be ordered directly in the Mpaketti client interface. Please note that the pick-up address can only be your own address in your customer information.

Each tyre must be individually wrapped in plastic or packed in tyre bags. If the tyres include wheel rims, they have to be protected by taping a cardboard sheet over the rims before the tyres are inserted into bags. Spiked wheels must be completely wrapped in cardboard.

As our contract customer, you can send parcels from Matkahuolto terminals, agent outlets, corporate service outlets and parcel lockers. Use the Service Point Search to locate your nearest point.

Each extra service is priced separately for each consignment. For example, a single consignment can have a Multi-parcel surcharge and a Large surcharge.

The shipping price is based on either the volumetric weight or the weighted weight, whichever is higher. The volume assumption used in the calculation is 1 m3 = 250 kg, i.e. the freight weight of the example consignment is calculated using the formula (0.38 * 0.40 * 0.32) * 250 kg = 12 kg.

The small invoice surcharge is charged on invoices with a total amount of less than €100.

Order a pick-up for your consignments on our website use this link. If you would like to have continuous pick-ups, please contact our sales department at

Contact our company sales department or email to arrange a continuous delivery service agreement!

Your company can use return codes or you can provide your customer with a ready-made address card for return shipments. The address card can be created, for example, in the MPaketti customer interface.

Customer returns can also be made using the Matkahuolto activation code, which requires support from the customer system (e.g. e-commerce platform or ERP). The activation code allows for more accurate tracking of the shipment. The interface can also be used to create ready-made return address cards, in which case the customer system creates the consignment and transfers information to the Matkahuolto system. A return address card alone is not enough. The consignment must also be recorded in the Matkahuolto system.

A customer return can be left in the parcel locker with a completed address card for the return, or the customer can have an activation code generated by the online store. Depending on the parcel locker, the customers need to choose “Send” or “Return” and follow further instructions displayed. All Matkahuolto parcel lockers allow the return of consignments.

If changes are made to the shipping information, Matkahuolto must be notified by email at The message must include the consignment ID and the desired change. Changes are subject to a service fee in accordance with the price list and any additional shipping costs.

In the MPaketti user interface, you can change the recipient’s information until the consignment has been collected. A change of the information will automatically activate a new arrival notification for the recipient.

Contact your nearest Matkahuolto outlet within 7 days. You can fill in a claim form on our website use this link. Take the damaged goods and package to Matkahuolto, or make other arrangements with Matkahuolto for the verification and inspection of the damage.

We welcome feedback on our services and operations. We are constantly developing our service based on feedback from our customers. Give feedback using the form at We process all feedback and respond either by email or telephone.